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There are amazing bargains to be had on ebay. Never pay full price for anything again.
Remember to check "buy it now", Auctions don't always offer the best deal. `set your preferences to "newly listed and grab that bargain before anyone else. 
Remember to check for spelling mistakes in listing titles, these are common and mean that other people wont find the listing and you will have less competition when bidding.  There are tools available for this, check out, try googling fat fingers or similar.  There are also tools to enable you to bid at the last minute. These are great as you don't need to disclose your interest until the last minute.
Make sure you always check the description of am item carefully. There is not a lot of room in the title to list everything. There may be faults that are disclosed in the description  which are not obvious from the title or photo.
Most sellers are not out to defraud you, not all, but most. You have to take some responsibility for reading the listing carefully. Having said that ebay will always help if you are missold something, I advise to contact the seller first and if they are uncooperative, open a case with ebay who will help you sort it out 
I wrote this guide as part of a Bzz campaign promotion.


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