There's Faeries and then there's Fairies

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I sell a wide range of Fairies and Fairy related items. I sell Fairies because I love them.  They're whimsical, magical, colourful and bring smiles to everyone's faces!

Recently my husband and I attended the Spring Trade Fair at the Birmingham NEC, a famous yearly show held for retailers.  It's an opportunity to meet and greet with the vendors who supply my online shop. 

The NEC is HUGE and there were hundreds upon hundreds of vendors to visit and place orders with.  Decisions, decisions. We knew which Fairies we wanted to stock and were amazed at some of the new lines we discovered.  We held the fairies, carefully inspecting their structure, their colours, their consistencies and their quality.  At first glimpse, many Fairies looked very nice but the quality and workmanship weren't what we wanted in our shop.  Sure we could have bought some butt ugly fairies and flogged them really cheap, but at the end of the day, the customer would not have been totally satisfied to find the pretty fairy in the photo was basically a piece of quickly molded, painted and cheap materials that would never last for long.

After many hours and many visits to the different vendors we settled on the Nene Thomas Faeries, Country Artists Butterfly Fairies and The Fairy Way Fairies, Christine Haworth Faerie Poppets, Nemesis Now Faeries, Leonardo Fairies, Shudehill Fairies and loads of other Fairy accessories like Journals, tiles, mouse mats, gift wrap and so much more.


What do we look for when we purchase our Fairies? 

QUALITY & EXCELLENT Craftmanship and hand painted products.  Most of our Fairies come with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY- a document that accompanies a piece denoting the name of the manufacturer, artist, date, size of the edition, etc.

 We also look for Limited Editions- a manufacturing run that is restricted to a limited number of pieces...and NUMBERED- pieces that are numbered within an edition - Lower numbers are generally more desirable.

We also sell RETIRED Fairies.

RETIRED-a piece that the manufacturer has decided to stop making - from that point it will only be available on the secondary market. Secondary market prices are determined by the collectors themselves who are buying and selling collectibles. Many of these trades take place through dealers, collector's clubs and of course Ebay.  In many cases, secondary market prices are higher than those of the primary market. Of course, not all collectibles go up in value; some go down. If there are more buyers for a particular collectible than there are people willing to sell,  the price goes up. If on the other hand there are more people wishing to sell than buyers, the price goes down till the buying and selling market balances out .



It's not uncommon to see the Faerie Poppet, Crystal Cobweb sell for £90.00 and up.


Some Fairies were discontinued after the 1st run, and are therefore much more difficult to come by. Some Fairies have 2nd and 3rd Editions so will cost much less than the Limited Editions.

Some sellers can really devalue a product by selling them on too cheaply. 

You can find the numerous Fairies in my  Ebay shop and judge for yourself, their beauty, their quality and see if you want to become a Fairy collector!

Bring a little magyk into your life. Think Fairy!


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