ThermalTake Gamma Pad LED Mouse Mat

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My impressions over the years of hard surface mouse mats has been less than favourable. The mouse either makes a lovely scratching sound, when you move it across the mat, or the hard edge of the mouse mat always hurts your wrists, or in my case of big hands. My lower palms are raw after a couple of hours of solid use. Either one of these is not good. As a result, I have always returned to the soft rubber/material type. That was until I purchased the ThermalTake Gamma Pad LED Mouse Mat from dirconuk (on eBay). I thought to myself. "Thermaltake is a good name, I have used their CPU coolers over the years". The pad surface is made from PVC, with a very fine texture to aid users with ball mice. And I have to say that it is fantastic. My optical mouse is very picky, when it comes to hard surface mats. I found this out, when I bought a cheaper mat, with a built in USB hub in the rear, from another seller. Speaking of this mat, don't be fooled by the so-called Fast USB 2.0 hub It is in fact 1.1.
My mouse refused to track the surface, and I sent it back. There is no problems with tracking (with my picky optical mouse) on the ThermalTake, and the mouse glides across the surface, so smooth, it is like it is on a cushion of air. And none of that terrible scratchy sound the mouse makes on other hard surfaces.
Another big reason, I bought this mat was how it looked too. I have a thing for LED's!
Running around the edge of this mat is a transparent bubble effect through which 12 LED's emit an amazing light.
The LED's can be controlled via a flush push button switch on the mat. You can either select one of seven colours, or you can have the mat cycle through all of the colours automatically. You can also switch off the lights if you so desire.
If you take your prized PC to LAN parties, if would certainly get you noticed.
Power is supplied via a USB plug, so no problems there either. Just plug it in, and away you go.
Topping all this off. The seller I bought this from was fantastic(mentioned above). Delivery only took two days, and that was only because I bought it after the P.O was closed! If you are serious about your PC, and your gaming, it doesn't come better than this. Buy one now. You won't be dissapointed.
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