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 Hints and tips on therapies and products I used to help me overcome unexplained infertility.

I was in my late thirties, with one miscarriage behind me and hadn’t managed to conceive again, when I went for fertility treatment. Firstly IUI then IVF. Neither worked and with the IVF cycle I didn’t even respond to the follicle stimulating drugs, meaning I produced no eggs for collection. At this point I was told I was suffering from ovarian failure and the outlook was pretty bleak.
This is where my battle to regain control of my body and mind began! When I really thought about everything the doctors had told me about my reproductivity and my chances of conceiving, I felt very low, hopeless and very barren. But I’m quite a stubborn person and a part of me refused to believe their medical diagnoses. Luckily I am a believer in taking control of your own health and alternative therapies, so firstly I tried Reflexology.

This was great for helping me relax and destress and get back in touch with my body. My reflexologist told me she couldn’t detect any reproductive problems, but the treatment would bring more energy to vital areas. I did become quite emotional, which was important to let go of the pain and disappointment I’d been holding in my body. I only needed a few sessions, but returned whenever I felt I needed, it was especially helpful for morning sickness!

Next I had homeopathy. My practitioner treated me for some physical problems, possible slight hormonal imbalance, other health issues not related to fertility, but most of all she treated my emotional symptoms. My grief over the miscarriage, my anger with my partner over various things!, and mostly my crippling fear that I may never conceive with the clock ticking furiously. She also recommended taking a good multi vitamin and some flax seed oil.

I’m convinced I was now healthy in mind and body, but was still not pregnant. Then I read a book called Living Magically by Gill Edwards and one of the things she said related to dreaming and imagining what you would like to bring into your life. You need to picture it in great detail. I realised I hadn’t really thought about being pregnant, giving birth, holding my baby, it had been too painful, I thought of it as torture. Sure I had visualised the egg and sperm meeting and the sperm breaking through, but that was as far as it went. So I began daily visualisations about being pregnant, what I would look like, how it would feel and for the first time since my miscarriage, I started to feel like a fertile woman again. To add to this I put  a picture on my wardrobe that I was really drawn to (which came from a back issue of The Mother magazine) of a woman, heavily pregnant, naked from the waist up, with long hair and a toddler hanging over her shoulder, The woman was looking at the camera with a look of smug fertility. It was pagan, erotic and I wanted to be her.
The final thing I did was buy a hypnotherapy CD called “Prepare to Conceive”, which I hope to stock soon in my shop. I listened to this 3 or 4 times around my fertile time. It’s a beautiful, relaxing affirmation of fertility, with a guided visualisation, followed by positive messages about your ability to conceive. The music too is uplifting, I heard it again recently at a fitness class and I was moved to tears by the memory of the wonderful feelings it evoked. You are left in no doubt that you are a fecund goddess! I conceived first time I used it. And I conceived my second child second time of trying at nearly 40 years of age.

If you are in your late 30’s or 40’s, a site I found calming and reassuring is by Susun Weed (yes, I have spelt it right). She gives many examples of healthy babies born to women well into their 40’s and recommends herbs and tinctures helpful to fertility.

I hope this will be useful to women on this often painful journey. Just remember, the mind has power over the body, the most important thing is to believe it is possible and then to behave as though you believe this.
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