Things to Consider When Dating Older Men

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Some women prefer dating men who are significantly older than them. These women may feel that men their age are too emotionally immature and believe they would have more in common with someone older. If you are a woman who wants to date a man many years your senior, consider a few factors first.

Older men are likely to have pasts. His past may include an ex-wife, children and grandchildren. Instead of taking you out Saturday night, he may have obligations with his children. If his children are older, they will likely judge you for being so much younger than their father. They may assume your relationship with him is only a fling or that you are using him for financial gain.

Different Interests
Because he has lived longer than you, he has more life experience. He has already done his fair share of partying while you have barely started. Instead of going out to a bar or club on Saturday night, he may prefer staying home and watching a movie. It is frustrating to know that he may have zero interest in activities you find enjoyable.

An older man may want a serious relationship. Because he has had a lot of time to see what's out there, he may be ready to settle down with someone. Ask him in the beginning of the relationship if he is looking to have a family. If the answer is yes, decide if this is something you truly want. If you aren't ready for a serious commitment, get out of the relationship.

Father Figure
The older man you are dating should not be looked at as a father figure. Don't expect an older man to take the place of the father you didn't have a good relationship with. If you want him to replace the role of your father, you are dating him for the wrong reasons.

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