Things to Consider When Sizing a Dog Jumper

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Things to Consider When Sizing a Dog Jumper

In cold weather, some dogs struggle to stay warm or regulate their own body temperature, particularly when they are very young or very old. Wearing a jumper in very cold weather helps trap body heat and keep the dog warm. However, getting the size right is very important. Knowing what you need to consider when sizing a dog jumper helps ensure your dog is warm and comfortable all through the winter months.


Consider the Length of Your Dog

You must think about the length of the jumper in comparison to the length of your dog. The easiest way to measure the length of your dog is to get a friend or family member to help you. Get your dog to stand and remain in the standing position. If you have a helper, place one hand on the stomach of the dog, just in front of the back legs. With your other hand, either offer dog treats and cuddles, or hold his collar or lead and offer praise and reassurance. While the dog stands, get your helper to take a tape measure and measure the length of your dog down the back, from the base of the head, to the base of the tail. Choose a length of coat that is equal to or slightly less than the length of your dog.


Consider the Girth of Your Dog

As well as the length of our dog, the girth is equally as important. The girth of your dog is the measurement around the circumference of the widest portion of the chest. Unless your dog remains in a standing position on command, it is advisable to get some help. Ask your dog to stand again and get your helper to measure around the around the body of the dog, at the widest portion, which is just behind the front legs. Make sure you measure the circumference of this portion as accurately as possible. Choose a dog coat or jumper with a girth or chest measurement that is slightly bigger than the girth of your dog. If you choose a coat with a tight girth, it is difficult to get your dog into the coat, and the coat is very uncomfortable, as it pinches, rubs, and chafes.


Consider the Comfort Level of Your Dog

The comfort level of your dog is a vital consideration. If your dog is uncomfortable in the jumper, getting him into it will be a major battle, every time. Additionally, he will not enjoy his walks while wearing the jumper, and may even refuse to walk. Therefore, check there is enough space for comfort and enough space to allow full range of motion all over the coat, at the leg holes, around the neck, and around the girth.

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