Things to check when you buy a car on ebay...

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First Things First.

Do not Bid Unless you have all the facts about the car.

The main questions to email the seller are:

 When was the cam belt last changed?

Is there any signs of smoke from the exhaust. sign of piston ring wear?

Does it use any oil?

The next things really need you to view the car to make sure everything  you need to know is known. the seller should not object if he or she has nothing to hide. I strongly suggest you view before bidding if you can.

Check for oil in the  radiator.  This is a sign head gasket has blown.  Also check for mayo like build up inside the oil filler cap.  This is  another sign of head gasket failure.

Check the steering from lock to lock and listen for any knocks or clunks.  This could indicate cv joint wear.

Check the wheel bearings for movement by holding wheels tight in both hands and giving a good hand shake.  A grinding noise would also indicate an issue.  At the same time check the tyres for even wear.  Uneven wear could mean the tracking is out or something is bent.

Check all lights on dash board such as abs are working and go out after a few seconds. 

Make sure no  service lights are on and that air bag light is off and that its within the dates  before renewal.

Check the braking system by pressing the brake pedal down with the engine turned off. The pedal should go hard after two presses and stay hard.

Make sure all warning lights like battery or oil lights go out on start up.

Check flashers and all lights works including brake lights.

Test drive it and check for vibration under braking .  This could indicate worn brake discs and worn suspension.

Check all gears are easy engaged and check for clutch slip by finding a good  upward slope and using  4th or 5th gear at low speed about 20mph and pushing acelerator to the floor. If engine revs on without extra speed the clutch is slipping .

Make sure no large cracks are visible in windscreen in any area as these soon spread and are not  noticed until later.

Make sure all windows open and close  and all door locks including boot and hatchback all work too.

Remember old cars have old problems and will get new problems.

Don't bid if  unless you have the full facts. its your money and no matter how much or little you pay you deserve to get what is in the description.

I hope this helps you and does not put you off finding a bargain or the car of your dreams.
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