Things to consider: Rechargeable Lanterns and Flashlights

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4 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Rechargeable Lanterns and Flashlights

Lanterns and flashlights can be invaluable items to pack when going on a camping trip. These items can be highly useful for seeing after night falls as well as illuminating darker areas, where little light reaches. There are many different types of lantern and flashlight available, which can be useful for different needs and situations. For example, a lantern may be useful for hanging up in a tent to provide a continuous source of light, while small pen lights can be useful as an easily stored back up light source.

Rechargeable flashlights and lanterns can be additionally useful as they do not require a supply of batteries, instead taking power from a built in, rechargeable battery. Some use solar power to recharge, or are hand wound, making them a reliable option for camping. A wide range of torches and lanterns is available on eBay.

Types of Flashlight or Lantern

Flashlights offer a focused, directed beam of light. There are a number of different types of flashlight which are widely available, and suited for use in camping. The key difference between types of flashlight is often size, though they can also be designed to be held in a different manner, for example head-mounted lamps.


The standard torch is widely available, and can feature all manner of designs and materials. They can vary in size, but are generally designed for portability and ease of use. Individual standard torches can also vary greatly in power, and will generally last for a good deal of time. These can be useful to keep around the house for events such as power cuts, as well as for camping.


Pen torches are one of the smaller types of torch widely available. While not generally large or powerful enough to be useful as a primary light source, they can make a good reserve choice that can easily fit into a pocket. Pen torches may not last as long as other types.


Highly convenient for many situations, the headlamp is a torch that fits around the head, often via a strap. These torches leave both hands free for the task at hand, making them useful for camping as well as many other tasks. They are widely available either with rechargeable or single use batteries.


An unusual type of torch, an earlight is a small torch that is designed to fit behind the ear. These offer similar benefits to the headlamp, though are often much smaller. Some may prefer these to the larger headlamps, while others may find resting a light on an ear for a prolonged period of time uncomfortable.

Key Ring

Key ring torches are among the smallest available, and make an excellent back up in case larger torches have been forgotten or run low on power. These torches can vary in size, but all are small enough to comfortably fit on a key ring. They can vary in strength, but are not typically as powerful as larger models, and generally use LEDs for light.

Credit Card

Credit card lights are torches that are designed to be a similar shape and size to a credit card. These flat torches can be highly useful, easily portable and, depending on the type of battery they use, can last for a great deal of time. Rechargeable credit card torches, however, are somewhat unusual.

Lanterns, meanwhile, offer a wider source of light, and can be of great use for illuminating a tent and camping area. These are often designed to be hung up in a tent, while some are built to be stuck into the ground. Rechargeable electric lanterns are safer than their fuel burning alternatives, and are safe to bring inside. A number of different types of lantern are available.


The standard lantern generally has few additional features, and is one of the most affordable and widely available types of lantern. These lanterns often use a light bulb for light, and typically include a handle that can be used to hold the lantern, or hang it up in a tent.


Similar to the standard lantern, LED lanterns make use of LEDs rather than a traditional glass bulb. LEDs last longer, are less likely to break and are often more energy efficient. They have become increasingly popular and widely available. Some feel, however, the LEDs produce a harsher light than bulbs.


Dimmable lanterns have the ability for the light to be brightened or dimmed, depending on the needs and preferences on the user.

Remote Control

Also available are remote control lanterns. These can be switched off or on with the use of a remote control, which means that, for example, campers do not have to get out of their sleeping bag to turn off a lantern. However, it should be remembered that the control will require batteries.

The Material of a Flashlight or Lantern

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a flashlight or lantern is the material out of which the device is made. A few types of material are commonly used.


Lanterns and flashlights made out of metal are often very durable and strong, able to withstand the rigours of camping. They can, however, often be heavier than plastic alternatives. Some types of metal may also need to be protected from rust and corrosion.


Most modern flashlights and lanterns are made out of plastic . The material is strong, light, and available in a wide array of shapes and colours, as well as being resistant to corrosion. However, some plastic devices may not be as durable as metal.


Rubber flashlights and lanterns are widely available, and many items made from other materials feature some rubber to form a grip. Rubber offers a good grip, and can also be resilient.

Any Additional Features of a Lantern or Flashlight

There are a number of additional features that torches and lanterns can offer, which can be useful for a number of different situations.

* Many light sources are built to be waterproof , which means that they can get wet and still function. These can be highly useful for camping, especially if the trip will take the campers near water or even through rain.

* Some torches and flashlights feature adjustable focus . This allows the user to widen or focus the beam of light, often by rotating part of the torch. This can be useful for focusing on objects that are further away, or for widening the field of view.

* Some torches include a holster , or wrist strap . These can help to prevent a flashlight from being dropped or lost, as well as make it easy to carry around when not in use.

Recharging Methods of Rechargeable Lanterns or Flashlights

A key element to consider when purchasing rechargeable torches, flashlights or lanterns, is the method that they use to recharge. This can greatly affect how useful a torch is for different situations, or different durations of camping trip.

* Some torches and lanterns make use of kinetic charging . These torches are charged by movement, most typically by rapidly shaking the torch. These torches can be convenient for long camping trips, as they can be charged easily.

* Similarly, wind up torches are charged by winding a lever.

* Lanterns featuring solar power can be left to charge up in sunlight during the day, and then used at night. They may not store as much energy on cloudy or dark days.

* Some rechargeable torches require charging from mains electricity. These may last for a considerable time, but may be less suited for longer camping trips, as they cannot be easily recharged when away from a power source.

How to Buy Rechargeable Lanterns and Flashlights on eBay

A wide array of rechargeable lanterns and flashlights, as well as other types of light source and camping equipment, can be found on eBay. The full listing of available lanterns and flashlights can be found in the Lights, Lanterns & Torches category, under the Camping section. These can be accessed through the Sporting Goods portal. Lanterns and flashlights can be arranged by categories such as features, type, price, brand and condition. Also available are the Auction and Buy it Now buying options, offering flexibility in methods of purchasing.

Important information about a torch or lantern, such as any additional features or requirements, will generally be visible in the item listing, making it easy to quickly see if an item meets any specific needs. Further information can be viewed on the item page. Also available here is information about the seller, such as item ratings and feedback reviews, which help to ensure that a purchase can be made in confidence. It is also possible on this page to ask the seller a question regarding the item.

If a particular torch or lantern is needed, it may be faster and more effective to use the search function, which is available at the top of every page. For more information on getting the most out of the search function, visit the Search Tips page.


Many different types of torch, lantern and flashlight are available, offering different features, designs and materials. These can range from larger, more powerful torches to small and easily transported pen or credit card lights. Rechargeable lights, particularly those that do not require mains access such as wind up torches and solar powered lanterns, are highly useful for camping as they can be charged anywhere. All kinds of flashlight, as well as other types of camping equipment, can be found on eBay.

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