Things to consider before buying a kinect sensor

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Before buying a kinect sensor

You should consider the size of the room you intend to set up your Xbox & Kinect in.

The room will have to have good lighting.
You will need at least 6 ft of distance between the game player and the Kinect Sensor, you'll also need plenty of space to move around in.

Benefits of the Kinect Sensor.

1. Unlike alternative consoles, you don't have to hold anything.

2. Dance type games are sooo much better on the Kinect. You have to get up and dance. You can't cheat and just wave the remote sensor around and clock up great scores. You have to be active.

3. It recognises you. Your features and your voice are recognised by the Kinect.

If you have the space required then I highly recommend purchasing the Kinect Sensor. It works with all versions of the Xbox 360 (which is also required to use the Kinect)

Looking to purchase a Kinect Sensor?

Try the link below for a great deal on purchasing one:

Simply copy and paste into your web browser address bar.

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