Things to know before Buying,Renting or Selling Timeshare

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Buying, Renting or Selling Timeshare can be a minefield for even the most experienced Timeshare Owner. There are so many systems to choose from - Fixed Week Timeshare, Floating Weeks, Vacation Club Points Systems, Multiple Destination Clubs and even some systems that are a combination of both points and weeks. The purpose of this guide is to give you unbiased advice and to empower you to make the right choice when it comes to Buying a Timeshare, Selling a Timeshare or Timeshare Rentals. Owning a Timeshare can be a fantastic addition to your lifestyle but you need to make sure you know what you are buying into. Likewise if your circumstances change and you need to sell a timeshare or rent it you must go about it in the right away, price it correctly and market it for sale in such a way that it will stand out from the crown. There is a quite a lot of bad information and unfortunately some  unscrupulous companies around to add to the mix. There are over 5000 timeshare resorts and almost every destination in the world i couldn't possibly cover all the individual questions you might have about specific timeshares here. However I have over 15 Years experience in the Resale industry and will hopefully be able to address some of your more general questions and concerns.
1 Buying Timeshare
Club Gran Anfi - Gran Canaria Buying a Timeshare - The first thing to consider is that Timeshare is a long term investment in your holidays for now and in the future. Therefore you need to make sure that the timeshare you buy will fit in with you lifestyle for possibly the next 10 years or more. You will need to consider which Timeshare System suits you, Fixed Week, Floating Week, Points. ETC. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Ill go into these in more detail later. Make sure you research a timeshare properly. There's normally lots of information to be found on the internet such as EBay Guides, owner forums and Trip advisor. You should consider using the services of a resale company. Most carry out checks to make sure the timeshare you want to buy is free of encumbrances such as outstanding maintenance fees or finance and often they will offer a third party ESCROW service to ensure that your money is protected throughout the transfer of ownership process.
Marriott's Playa Andaluza Selling a Timeshare is an area you need to pay particular attention to. There are lots of scam companies (mostly outside of the UK) that will happy take hundreds of not thousands off you for a supposed guaranteed sale or disposal of your timeshare. The general rule is that is you didn't contact them for a valuation or to inquire about their advertising services then they are usually a scam. There are no companies that guarantee to buy your timeshare and you will never get back what you paid for it. In fact you are likely to receive less than half of what you paid for it unless you bought it resale in the first place. The good news is there is a healthy market for Timeshare resale's as long as they are promoted in the right way and are not over priced. Fortunately most resale companies in the UK offer free registration and or advertising packages that are reasonably priced. All will be able to help you in one way or another but some more effectively than others. When choosing a resale company make sure they don't over quote you on the price. Also make sure that they offer a broad range of options to ensure that your timeshare is visible to as many potential buyers as possible.
3 Fixed Week and Floating Week Timeshares
Marriott Vacation Club Should you buy a fixed or floating timeshare. My opinion on this is simple if you require a holiday in the same week or weeks every year you should buy fixed. This especially applies to those who have company shut downs or limited times when they can get take a holiday. Your week and your apartment is guaranteed every year. Another advantage of the fixed week for foreign timeshares is that you can book your flights early saving you money. If you have some degree of flexibility a floating week might suit. They are usually floating within certain time bands. In the case of Marriott Vacation Club (Marriott's Marbella) you have 4 time bands. Silver, Gold, Gold Holiday and Platinum. These roughly equate to Silver - November - March, Gold - March - june, September - November (Excluding School Hols) Gold Holiday - This week includes the use of weeks during the Half Term School hols - Platinum - Owners have exclusive right to occupy the weeks during the Summer and Easter School Hols. To book your week each year you simply call Marriott and check which weeks are available within you allotted time band and book it up to 12 months in advance. Owners of multiple weeks have a slightly extended booking window of time.
4 Vacation Club Points
Vacation Club Points is arguably the most flexible Holiday Ownership system however it is not without fault. You buy an initial amount of points that you are allocated every year. As with fixed and floating timeshares you can save, borrow or bank your allocation. You must make sure you buy the correct amount of points that will allow you to book the amount of weeks holiday you take each year. One of the problems i hear a lot is that when people bought them originally from the resort they were not told how many they would need. Instead they were often sold the benefit of late booking and out of season holidays. If you are retired and very flexible this can be true however most timeshare owners require some degree of advance booking and mainly holiday in the high or peak season. There are a few tried and tested points system and our most popular are Club la Costa Vacation Club Points, Disney vacation Club Points and Marriott Vacation Club Points. These systems offer you the security of large or brand name companies that have 1000's of owners. The disadvantages of points systems is that it can often be harder to book the weeks your require. This is because everyone effectively owns the same thing. This can apply to selling Vacation Club Points. With fixed or floating week timeshares you have something different to another seller whereas with points there may be 100 clients looking to sell 1000 points within a Vacation Club and as a rule only the cheapest points will sell.
5 Rentals  
Renting Timeshare is worth considering if you are either thinking of buying a Timeshare but have no experience of Timeshare or if you are not comfortable buying at a resort you haven't seen. Owners should consider Timeshare rental if they are unable to make use of the timeshare for the current year of occupancy but do not want to sell their ownership. The rental process is fairly simple and normally just involves the owner notifying the resort of the persons who will be using the week. A guest certificate maybe required for which some resorts charge a small fee. The rental market is currently very buoyant and we have seen a marked increase in both owners looking to rent out their timeshare and those looking to rent it from them.
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