Things to know before you buy a static caravan!

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Ive been buying statics for a few years now, taught from my old nan who use to buy to rent.


Static caravan sales are very similar to car sales if you buy from dealer, i will never buy from any dealer as that rob you soft, they dont just make 1-2k on you 5-7k before that get out of bed.


Its always best to buy privatley, you will get a caravan at the right price.


Few tips


>  Check age limits on site, site who say you can stay on site for 15 years or more will not let you sell your caravan privatley if your caravan is more than 10 years old. you will have to sell to site who will offer you peanuts!

Eg: you buy 2003 caravan you have 3 years left to sell privatley. age is very inportant!

Some sites will kick you off if you caravan is more than 5 years old, this is how they make you upgrade and get your caravan for peanuts


> Most site's charge 15% when you come to sell your caravan and wont let you sell private, my site charge a ownership name transfer, whic the buyer and seller may split. Most well know holiday parks  use this 15% policy, and also tell you what you can sell your caravan for, once you sign the contract you havent got a leg to stand on.


> Caravan size 10ft wide and 12ft wide that 2 foot make a lot of differents!


> Site fees! some fees dont included gas and water you will have to pay extra for this so check before you buy.


> Renting out, alot of people are scared about renting out, but this really does help pay your site fees, my caravan is on a north wales park, ive book 9 weeks out upto now return is £3020 site fees are £2250, so there is money to be made! never had any proplems as we only rent are caravan to familys over 30.


> Once your caravan is removed from a site base your caravan is worth bottom book! Trade value. this is why you need to find a good friendly caravan site! if i was you talk to people around the park you are thinking of buying a caravan on, this will give you more insight to what the rules are.


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