Things to look for when buying/bidding on a Domain Name

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Here are a few tips to look out for when buying or bidding on a domain name:

1) Registrar
Some registrars like Godaddy will allow you to have the domain transferred to you for free within the site, Although this means creating a free account with them. Sadly others are not so generous and charge for a transfer, Its best to look into the registrar first.

2) Renew Fees
Domains are paid yearly (2 years for some domains like If the seller registered the domain on the 18th Sept 2008 then it will have to be renewed on the same date in 2009.

3) Avoid "0-9" and "-"
These reduce the value of the domain like a brick on water, they sink and become close to worthless. So unless its a worthwhile domain like "online-auction" avoid it.

I hope these help when buying a domain name.
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