Things to look out for when you're new to e-bay.

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Hello new e-bayer, richardg4532 here. I would just like to share with you what happened to me during my first sales. One of the items I was selling was a mobile phone and because I had 0 on my sales counter I began to receive a large number of 'questions' about the phone from both Nigeria and the u.s.a. Essentially I was being offered large sums of money(up to £400!) for a phone that eventually made £70. If you ever experience anything similar, DO NOT reveal your e-mail address, inform e-bay and remove any suspicious bids. Be clear in your listing where you will and will not ship to. I highly recommend only using pay-pal because only you have access to your account and when the money is there, it's there! On it's first listing the winning bid for this phone was £3442!. Evidently a hi-jacked e-mail account was used. I informed e-bay straight away which very quickly got the problem sorted AND avoided me paying huge fees for nothing. If in doubt check with e-bay and remember careful who you give your e-mail to and NEVER reveal pay-pal information to anyone. GOOD LUCK
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