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Hi, i'm writing this guide to warn buyers of a certain powerseller. It seems that although they seem to have a good reputation from the outside, but sometimes this is not the case when dealing with them .

Recently I bought fake tan off what seemed to be a highly respectable seller & member of the Ebay community. It was only 5.00GBP. Not a very expensive purchase, just fake tan Ambre Solaire which I love for not streaking. After it didnt arrive after waiting a week, I emailed the seller to ask if dispatched, ( I'm a patient buyer because as a seller I know it can be hard to dispatch all purchases immediately.) I had no response, then waited another week, I rang the sorting office & the post office to see if was there a parcel waiting, which there wasnt. I ended up opening a dispute with Paypal for a refund & we all know how long that takes.

In the meantime two emails later & no response, I ended up getting a refund through Paypal. Only after opening a dispute & I left the seller neutrel feedback as I didn't think they were very helpful at all. This wasn't a pleasent experience.

Then I noticed the seller had purchased one of my items. I sent a message asking ''I hope this isn't to leave me a bad feedback because I left you neutrel?'' No suprise, I get no response but I receive a negative feedback. My first one, how is this fair?

I'm disgusted that a powerseller can steep so low & ruin someones feedback without a thought.

It also seems, its not just me hes caught out with his unfairness. I have read his feedback that he has left for other ebayers & its a disgusting attitude to have.

Tips i think for the future, are to check sellers feedback & check what feedback they have left for there buyers. How they respond to honest criticism shows alot about a person. Do you really want to give your money to them...?

So here is the link of the seller to avoid;

Seller: seller corecos

Please feel free to add to this guide of anyone you think should be named & shamed. So we can watch out for our fellow ebayers !

To my buyers who have all been great, please dont be put off by this single negative feedback it was intentional because he obvoiusly couldn't handle my honesty. You will always get friendly honest service with me.

That's why I wrote this guide so you can hear it from me.

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