Thinking of buying Apple Products from China? Don't Get Scammed!

Thinking of buying Apple products from China?

I've had many people get in touch to ask me how they can be sure they are getting genuine Apple products from China. If this is you, here's what you need to know!

You've got to have seen those types of emails, facebook group messages, tweets on Twitter and other posts scattered all over the web that promise you great fortune, discounts, massive turnover, sneaky trade secrets, limited time offers.... just about anything that will get you to part with your cash really. Bold promises and claims such as...

"Buy 2 iPhone 5S and Get 1 Free", "Spend over $500 and get a free iPad Air" for example. There's loads of examples but I'm sure you get where I'm coming from here.
I have seen rediculous amounts of these, and I'm sure many others have including yourself possibly. 

Let me be clear, these ARE scams.

100% Fact!  Now I'll explain why.

It's no myth that Apple do have their products made in China but the surprising fact (to many at least) is it actually costs the Chinese more to buy a iPhone than it does in Europe. A totally irrelevant piece of information for you in relation to the topic in hand, but the cheapest place to buy a Apple product is in California, which will probably not really come as that much of a shock since just about everyone knows that California is the home of Apple.
Apple aren't stupid when it comes to production or marketing. In fact they are smart, very smart. Now, this may come as a shock but although I cannot fault Apple as a business model, I'm not actually one of their many fans. The sensible and logical thinking part of me knows that Apple are a hugely successful comapny that makes vast amounts of cash on a scale that makes just about any other company jealous, however some of their decisions that have made them lots of money and continue to do so don't sit quite as well with me as a consumer. This is another story for another time (or perhaps not to share at all). I only tell you this so you get a truer reflection of what information I'm giving and understand that I do so without bias.
Going back to the claims you often see, thing about the facts you know for a moment. Apple owns the copyright, trademarks, reproduction rights, intellectual property rights not the factories they decide to use to have them made. Do you think a factory that has a exclusivity contract to produce products for Apple worth Tens of Millions would be willing to lose that contract for the sake of selling these outside of the Apple chain? No. Why would they? They don't need to. They are making a lot of money from the production of these already.
It's simply not worth the risk.
If it appears too good to be true, then it is!! Old cliché but it is true! Remember it, drill it in your head securely.

Don't let temptation carry you away and allow you to be parted from your hard earned cash.
For those optimists that think an employee may be sneaking stock out... Well how much stock do you think they could sneak out? Not much, and in all honesty the security in this place will be pretty intense. Anyone who has worked in a warehouse can tell you what it's like but in a place as big as this it's going to be be even tighter.
IF you were to end up making a purchase, assuming you even received anything at all, you are purchasing a replica/copy/high copy/1:1. At the end of the day its not genuine. No warranty, not guaranteed to work, made with cheap parts that won't last as long as the real deal, and, if you plan on selling your purchases on, then it's also illegal to do so as you are then trading counterfeit goods. Not to mention how morally wrong it is to rip people off who expect a genuine article.
So I guess what I'm saying in a nutshell is, don't get scammed!

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