Thinking to buy a Nintendo Wii from eBay?

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Nintendo Wii is one of the best selling consoles in the past one year. When you're thinking to buy one from eBay, while worring about whether you'll get the same one as you could buy from a high street shop, please read my guide first and I am sure you will find it is very helpful.
  • What are included inside Nintendo Wii (UK) box?

1.Wii Console UK PAL
2.Wii Console Stand
3 Wii stand plate
4 Wii Remote
5 Wii remote Wrist strap
6 Nunchuck
7 Sensor Bar
8. Sensor bar stand
9. Wii Power Supply (UK)
10. Wii AV Cable
11. Euro Connector Plug
12. 3 Adhesion tapes for sensor bar
13. 2 LR6 (AA) Batteries
14. Wii sports game (includes tennis, bowling, baseball, golf, and boxing)
15. Wii Remote Jacket
  • Find a secure seller.

1. Where did seller purchase the consoles from?
Sellers may purchase their consoles from any shops, like Game, Dixsons, Currys, Argos, Amazon, Woolworths, Gamestation, etc. In this case, please ask for the original receipt provided by the shop as it gives you one year Nintendo's warranty. You may not mind to buy a console from France or Germany, but please make sure that your seller will provide an additional adapter for the plug. If not, you need to spend a few pounds to buy it from a shop. You also need to be aware that you can not claim the console's warranty in the UK, which means if there's any problem, you need to send it back to the country where you bought the Wii from.

2. Seller's feedbacks
See how good their feedbacks are. If seller has sold same items before and previous buyers left positive feedbacks, you really don't have to worry too much. In other case, pay by Paypal and please do not send cheque or pay by bank transfer. Some buyers would also prefer to collect item in person and pay by cash, which I think is the safest way to do.

3. Item description
Please spend enough time to read item description. During the past, I found many people didn't like to read carefully, so I am now trying to make my item description as clean as as possible. When buying an expensive item like Wii, you really have to be fully aware of what you are buying to aviod mis-understanding.

For example, sellers promote Wiis in many different ways. Some says you'll get a "Wii console + 5 sports game", other says you'll get "Wii console+5 sports game+nunchuck+remote", and even someone will throw away a Wii remote jacket for free. But you know all these extra something are in fact included inside the Wii console box.

Below are other examples.

** Some consoles selling in the UK are actually Euro PAL (not UK PAL) and supplied with an additional adapter. A number of sellers only mention this in a very small line at the bottom of item description.
** "Item dispatches within two weeks" means seller doesn't have them in stock. For someone who needs a console urgently, I won't recommend you to buy from these people.

  • UK PAL or Euro PAL?

The choice is yours. There're no major safety issues regarding to use a Euro power supply in the UK. There will be difficult to claim warranty if a Euro console is found faulty. For all of us, the most important is to get Wii ready for this Christmas.
  • Are you ready to use Paypal?

To make a big payment your Paypal's account needs to be verified. Follow the link below to see details of verification.

Many sellers only post items to comfirmed addresses. It is also a necessary requirement for sellers to be qualified for Paypal's seller protection. Follow the link below to learn how to get your address confirmed.

  • Why Royal mail special delivery?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Because it gives you up to 500 pounds insurance cover that none of other delivery services do! If someone has spent 250 pounds for a wii console, I can not see there's any reason why he wouldn't like to use this service. A reasonable postal charge by Royal mail special delivery, including packing and labor, is between 20 to 25 pounds.

  • After receive your Wii box

Run Wii sports game first to see if everything works fine. You can go to Nintendo's website to register your console ( If unfortunately your console doesn't work, which may because it is a faulty one (we sold around 100 wiis early this year and only found one was faulty). You can use your receipt to call the shop and ask for a replacement. Your seller may do it for you as well. Once you're happy with your purchase, please don't forget to leave your seller a feedback.

  • Latest updates! Beware of Wii consoles selling with many games without valid picture of games.

Another eBayer user has wrote an excellent guide about this issue. I read it sometime ago but couldn't find where it is. Anyway, these games have been chipped inside the console and they are not in a CD form that most people would expect. Most of these modified consoles are Japanese version.

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