This clock has just been serviced or cleaned and oiled HAS IT??

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Many sellers offering antique or vintage clocks for sale on eBay will write in the item description "it has just been serviced" or "it has just been cleaned and oiled" Whenever this appears in the description of an antique clock, THINK CAREFULLY before you place a bid and ask yourself these two simple words; HAS IT??
If a clock has been "cleaned and oiled" has been "serviced", always ask some very important questions:
Was the clock fully stripped and serviced?
Some sellers will quite often polish the rear plate with Brasso and oil the bushes that can be seen. Some people will remove the movement and oil all of the bushes without stripping the movement. This course of action will allow the clock to run nicely for a few weeks and then it will stop.

Was the work done by a specialist?
If a specialist was employed to carry out the servicing, they will quite often offer a warranty of some kind to the person they completed the work for.

Always ask how much the service cost.
A very basic service will cost the best part of £100.00, if not more! It the reply is £25.00 (or less) because a "freind of my Grandad's next door neighbour" did the job, walk away from the clock or at least, factor the cost of a service by a specialist into the purchase price.

Is there any photographic proof of the service?
When a clock has been serviced correctly, the person doing the job will be very proud of his work and will take photographs of the movement in pieces and will detail the work he has carried out on the movement..

Did the specialist offer any warranty with the service?
Most specialists will offer a warranty with a clock service.

Is the SELLER offering any warranty with the clock?
Many GENUINE" sellers on eBay will offer a warranty of some form if they have had the clock serviced correctly or they have serviced it themselves.

Does the clock come with any instructions?
Most sellers will offer the clock with setting up instructions. Some are comprehensive and cover all eventualities and some are very basic and tell you the minimum that you will need to know to get the clock running. Either way, the genuine seller will ALWAYS help you.

These are ALL very important things to consider when buying a clock.
If the clock has been oiled without being completely stripped down and thoroughly cleaned, the years of dirt and solidified oil will dissolve and form a grinding paste. This in turn will wear out the bushes that were probably free from any wear before they were oiled. When this happens, the movement will need to be completely stripped down, rebushed and the new bushes and pivots polished to complete a reliable and long lasting job. This type of work can be very expensive and then you have to decide whether or not the clock is worth spending a lot of money on!
Also, beware when a clock is offered for sale that "has not been tested because I don't have a key" or I don't want to touch it in case I break it" or "I don't want to risk overwinding it". You cannot overwind a clock. It is an "old wive's tale" that people used to say when the clock is fully wound and won't work.
It is far better to buy a clock that is just sold as working or "it is working but has not been serviced". At least you will know there is a very good chance that it hasn't been touched or messed about with.
There are many excellent, honest clock sellers on eBay. They are very easy to spot as they nearly always use just one selling format and stick to it. Many regular sellers have regular buyers, too. Always check the seller's feedback thoroughly. 
The genuine sellers will provide you with any information you require and will answer any questions you have honestly. They will tell you what, if anything, has been done to the clock and will always welcome your questions. Don't be intimidated by a seller when you ask questions. If the seller gets "rattled" by your questions, there is a very good chance he/she has something to hide!! If that is the case, walk away from the clock. There will ALWAYS be another one offered by a genuine seller sooner or later.

I hope that you find these words of use to you. Do feel free to contact me if you think I can help you in some way.

Thank you for reading this article.
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