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Anyone who is a regular user of ebay will from time to time wind up seeing this message in their purchase history, usually on something just purchased but not received. 

"This listing was removed by eBay. If you've already paid for the item, we recommend that you wait 10 days from the expected delivery date to see if the item arrives. If you did not pay, you are no longer obliged to pay for this item. If you have a problem with the purchase, you can resolve a problem by opening a case in our Resolution Centre."

This means, that ebay deleted the item you purchased. You can no longer see it, find it, report it, print it, and so on. This is why, even in this modern age of high tech, I still recommend printing the item page once you've purchased it. I do, and in several cases where disputes have arisen and ebay have been unhelpful, the printed evidence of exactly what I purchased was invaluable. Ebay suggest you wait 10 days, but trust me, DONT. Also don't bother trying to open a case with ebay, it probably wont let you and just insist that the item number is wrong. 

** Go to paypal, login, go to their resolution centre, and then open a dispute there. 

** Wait a couple of days to see if a response is received (probably not)

** Go to paypal, login, go to their resolution centre, select the dispute you opened, and escalate it to a claim. 

Unfortunately, you'll be waiting upto 30 days before Paypal does anything, that's another 30 days without your money or your item but its better than nothing. Also note that Paypal in most cases will supply the correct email address for the seller, which you can then use to contact them (since of course ebay won't let you anymore). 

I hope this helps someone, if so, let me know. 

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