Three dog toys for strong chewers

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My top 3 dog toys

As someone who owns a SBT cross who is a very strong chewer, I have had to look around for toys that will last. I have come across plenty of toys that claim to be be 'tough', but when put to the test they have been destroyed within a matter of minutes. So I have written this guide to share some toys that I have found that actually last

Kong Extreme

The Kong Extreme is a rubber chew toy made of a strong, durable black rubber that is available in various sizes. It has a hollow center that you can stuff with various treats in order to keep your dog entertained for longer. If your dog destroys the Kong recommended for it's size, then you can always try going for a bigger size. I personally use a bigger size and stuff it with Chappie and then seal the hole with peanut butter and find it keeps my dog entertained for ages.

Happy Pet Tough Rubber Ball

Happy Pet's tough rubber ball is a  solid rubber ball made from natural rubber and available in various colours and sizes. Throwing my dog a tennis ball would prove pointless because it would be destroyed within seconds, so this solid rubber ball is a great alternative.

Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug

Busy Buddy's Tug-a-Jug is an interactive treat dispensing toy that uses several of the dog's senses in order to keep it engaged. The jug itself is a durable plastic, and contains a rope to make it harder for the treats to fall out of the exit hole.  Whilst the jug is durable, the rope could be chewed through but my dog is so fixed on working to get the treats out, that chewing the rope hasn't really been a problem. If you want to make this toy even more challenging, then you can add different sized balls inside. 

Whilst I have found these 3 toys to be extremely durable in the case of my dog, bare in mind that every dog is different and that no toy is indestructible. Remember to supervise your dog with any toys, and replace them when they become broken.

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