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(I will show you proof of how this worked well for me later in the guide)

Any self-respecting seller will know that to make money you need a good product.  Many of you will be aware that you need to find a 'niche' product that only you are selling so that only you can benefit from the demands of the market.  But this is where the problem starts.  You will put in hours of effort finding a small-time manufacturer.  The might model hand-made goods, and you may partner with them to market their product to a worldwide market through eBay.  The more risk-prone among you may go as far to design a completely new product and make a large initial investment to have your initial stock manufactured, and then you may market it direct to shops or again through eBay.  As difficult as it is to come up with some product or idea that is unique to sell to a worldwide audience, in only a matter of seconds this idea can be lifted by a thief.  That's the way I see it, they steal my idea, then they're a thief.  In my eyes it's theft.  Unfortunately for the ordinary among us this is not how the law sees it, and unless you've got patents coming out of your a*r*s*e, there isn't really anything we can do about it as unfair as that is.  So I took the time to look at all these facts and I put them together and here's what I came up.

Why bother do what they're telling us to do, spending hours looking for a niche that will rake in maybe a few hundred pounds tops before drying up.  This is when I decided to go back to the old way, they way they all say is far to difficult to make any money.  They say competition is so tight, that profit margins have to be minimalised to next to zero, and we all make nothing.  This sounds like it would be impossible to make any amount of money, but as I discovered, for me, it was so much easier than the finding a niche, promoting it, having it stolen, spending weeks coming up with a new niche and doing this whole process trying to make a living.  As I discovered going back to selling everybody's favourite products, even when the competition from other sellers is so tight, was a lot easier to do.  I am not saying that by following my methods you will make a living for the rest of your life, but you will certainly be able to pad up your ordinary income and live more comfortably by doing this.


Let's recap what I've said so far:

Instead of looking for the niche and your unique place in the market, don't.  It's too much effort and only ends badly.  Instead go headfirst into the sale of goods all sellers starting out want to sell.  i.e. The iPods, the PLAYSTATION 3's the Xbox360's etc.  These are popular items and someone is always looking for them, so if you can get them for the right price (which I'm talking about later) and sell them for less than your competitiors (which my method can pretty much guarantee) you are sorted.


In order to guarantee that your eBay listing sells before others of the same type you need to ensure you are selling for less than all other competitors.  Remember to take into account your postage fees, as buyers will usually compare the total sale price including delivery, not just the sale price.  In this example I will use the Sony PLAYSTATION 3.  A very popular product.  A quick search at the time of writing tells me that some sellers are selling this console for as little as £209.99 new, the catch being that it is in Hong Kong, and the £65 delivery charge bringing the price immediately up to £274.99 and thats assuming the buyer doesn't have to pay import duty on it.  which could increase the total price to well over the retail price of £299.99.  For this reason all future prices I quote will be Buy it Now items and already in the UK and only sellers accepting PayPal for protection.  The cheapest meeting these requirements is a £240 console, and £20 parcelforce delivery.  Any buyer looking for a good deal would almost certainly snap this up before it's too late.  Now, you may be thinking at this point - 'hang on, how am I supposed to find new Playstation 3 consoles for less than £240, not even starting to think about covering my costs such as eBay/PayPal fees and saying goodbye to any form of profit'.

It would be all so easy if one could just find these consoles off the back of a lorry, or perhaps 40 of them mistakenly dumped in a heap the next time you visit your town's skip.  I don't know about the legality of taking goods from the back of a lorry, or removing waste from skip's, so I am not going to advise doing that.  Of course getting the goods somehow either cheaply or for free would be a dream come true.  Of course, this is something which I know is fully legal, and nobody loses out like in the legally dodgy methods outlined above.  Are you intrigued yet.  Yes, I am saying that I can help you get extremely sellable goods for free, which you can sell.  The great thing is, you can easily sell them for less than your competitors (meaning basically every one you list sells, in turn meaning no wasted fees) and since they have to pay their wholesale prices compared to you paying nothing, you make more money than them (per sale).

Here is what you will need to do:

1.  Sign up for an account at (please copy and paste this link to your browser)

2.  Login to the account and look at the offers page.  Choose one of the offers.  You can choose from free two-week trials (which will result in getting your item completely free) or you can choose one of the offers that can be completed from £5.  Upon completing an offer, your account will 'turn green' within a few days.

3.  Once your account is 'green' you can begin referring friends, family and acquaintances to your unique URL.  After referring 10 people who also go green you simply order your gift and you could have it in a matter of days depending on when the next verification cycle is, but definitely within 2 weeks.

4.  After getting your item, you can continue referring new signups and keep getting new PS3's

5.  Each time you receive one, sell it on eBay or to someone you know.  You may even make more by putting an ad in your paper.


I said at the very beginning that I would provide proof of how well this worked for me.  I received 3 Apple 8GB iPhones via this method and sold all of them on eBay to great success.  You should find this at some point in my feedback.  I have also received at least 9 PLAYSTION 3 consoles within the last 6 months and sold them locally, at knock down prices through the paper, and at greatly reduced prices to friends and family members.  So you unfortunately won't find these in my feedback.


But, if I am doing so well from this why am I giving it away, at no cost!?

I am sure that this is what many will ask and the answer is simple.  A friend of mine who knows how to do this but doesn't do it (or says he doesn't) made a bold claim that if lots of people found out how to do this, it just wouldn't work anymore.  I disagreed, because from what I can see there is a lot of people doing it already and that doesn't make it hard to do, the thing is these people do not want others to know they are doing it, because they think the same as my friend.  Either way I've benefited from this for several months now and I'm happy whatever the outcome is.  My friend also benefits either way as he has a unique experiment to write about for his Economics degree disertation (don't ask me I haven't a clue).

Any of those struggling, to get new signups can request my help by contacting me through eBay.  You'll have to go green though in exchange for my help.

Thanks so much for reading and I wish you every success in doing this.

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