Ticket Touts-Oasis Concert

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I have today tried to buy tickets online for The Oasis Concert in Cardiff. I waited patiently until 9am and then began my request for three tickets, my request for floor standing was processed but was unsuccessful. I tried to get seats anywhere but again with no success. This process continued until 9.30am again with no success, I tried ringing but with no success the line was continually engaged. Again I tried the internet and waited for any success but none. For what ever reason I tried another site and found that people were all ready selling their tickets they had purchased for nearly two to three times the price they had bought them. I however had no luck and went onto another site where they were selling tickets for nearly twice to three times their value. So keen was I to get tickets I agreed to pay their price only to find that they wanted a £30.00 handling fee.
I refused to pay this. I then went back to Ticketmaster and tried again with no success, however they suggested a site they called Getmein, again tickets here were two to three times the face value of the ticket and they also wanted a £30+ fee.
I want to see Oasis and unfortunately I will have to buy my tickets off ebay.  The whole experience has been an eyeopener, there are large numbers of people who have no desire to see Oasis but simply make a killing at the expense of fans and this includes the ticket promoters.
Here endeth the lesson for today.


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