Tiling & Flooring Tools

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Tiling & Flooring Tools
Tiles have been used since ancient times and have steadily grown in popularity whereby most domestic and business properties today will have some form of tiling in the premises. Tiles are often used to form wall and floor coverings, fireplaces and decorative surfaces and when laid properly can transform a room. They are hardwearing, easy to clean, water resistant and hygienic and can range from simple square tiles to complex mosaics.
Whether you are a professional tiler with large areas to tile or a DIY enthusiast wanting to tile a small area in your home purchasing the correct tiling tools is essential for a professional looking, attractive job.
At Tool venture we have all the tiling and flooring tools you will need for marking out, cutting, laying, grouting and cleaning tiles. Tool venture has a huge selection of essential tiling tools from top brands including Marshalltown, Rubi, Sigma, Porsadrill and Stabila.
For marking out we have a range of spirit levels and laser levels, chalk lines and wax pencils. For cutting tiles see our range of Rubi and Sigma tile cutters. We stock a good range of notched trowels for spreading adhesive, tile spacers in an assortment of sizes and profiles, grout saws for removing old grout and floats for spreading new grout. The Rubi Wash Boy quickly removes excess water and debris from the sponge and is ideal when cleaning newly laid tiles. Knee pads are a must for protection from kneeling and both Rubi and McGuire Nicholas have heavy duty and light duty versions.
Our range of Rubi tile cutters are the perfect manual tile cutter for professional use and have a choice of cutting lengths to cut small, medium and large tiles. Our bestselling models of Rubi tile cutters include Rubi TS 60 and Rubi TS 60 Plus, Rubi TR-S and Rubi TX-N series. For more demanding jobs the popular Rubi TX 700-N and Rubi TX 900-N manual tile cutters are ideal. Tool venture stocks a full collection of Rubi replacement scoring wheels to fit all the Rubi tile cutter models and the Rubi Maintenance Kit will help to keep your Rubi tile cutter in good working condition. 
Our range of hand tile cutters also includes a choice of Sigma tile cutters. Professional quality Sigma Tile Cutters are an increasingly popular choice of manual tile cutter for professional users.  Our range includes the popular Sigma Standard and Sigma 3 Series manual tile cutters and the bestselling Sigma Max Series and Sigma Technica Tile Cutters. The newest addition to the Sigma range is the Sigma Klick Klock Series. We stock Sigma tile cutter parts including replacement Sigma scoring wheels which are available in both Tungsten Carbide and Titanium. 
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