Time Saving Tricks for Sellers on eBay with P&P

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I started selling on as a business in February 2007, and have since found a lot of ways which time can be saved.  A few minutes here and there really adds up

* Firstly, hate the post office run and the queues?  Why not speak to your little local post office and see if you can drop the mail off and leave it with them?  Let them do it when it is quiet, I used to leave cash with the mail, but now leave my switch card, and they process my mail daily with no queuing for me, and no grumpy customers who are waiting behind my six bags of mail!  Also, you might just stop your local post office from closing

* Can't find time to go to the post office?  Ask someone to go for you, the time I save each week by asking someone to take the mail, is brilliant

* Recorded delivery slips - sick of writing them out?  Create a basic template in word where you can cut and paste the addresses into labels - peel and stick!  Lots quicker -

* Sick of trying to find lost parcels?  Put your P&P up by 72p and send it recorded, or do as I do - and include it in the listing price - I used to have 6 parcels on average a week go "missing", I have had none in the last six months, I also now have visibility of when peeps forget to collect it too!  I have found my customers are happy to pay slightly more for a better service

Hope this helps
Will add some other bit sizes guides as I think of them!

Kindest wishes
Suz xx

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