Time for an Anniversary Corset?

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Ah, the bridal corset - that very special accessory for the wedding day - and night. Now, your anniversary is approaching and you’d like to do something special to keep the romance alive. Any ideas?
Romance is more than skin deep.
It’s the very fabric of the relationship.
There’s no shortage of things that make great anniversary gifts: jewellery, perfume, travel. The problem is that travel may be impractical, jewellery too expensive and perfume a repeat of last birthday. So what to do? The key is the personal touch and keeping in mind what it is you’re celebrating. An anniversary is a time to reconnect with the magic of your wedding day. Remember how good she looked? Remember the bridal corset?
So keep it simple: soft lighting, chilled champagne and a new corset. And a bit of imagination. A weekend in a room with a view is great, but a little get-away can be nice even if it’s at home. A new corset will be appreciated. Here, there are two ways to go: either get something that complements the style of the original bridal corset, something she can mix and match with her present wardrobe or go for something a little different - darker, more revealing, racier. Or just get plain naughty.
But, remember, always with champagne and by candlelight...
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