!!!Time to do something about all the fake perfume !!!!

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Ebay should be doing more to stop the trade in Fake perfumes as there are so many getting away with this crime related trade , and even when you report a seller they still are aloud to trade. I am sick to death of finding these items and reporting and still nothing happens ! this is ilegal trade , it spoils the good reputation of genuine sellers and frightens of the public from buying on Ebay . I bought a bottle of Joop and it was FAKE the seller was quite abusive and wanted it back promising to refund but I have no guarentee this will hapen and all ebay or paypal say is send it back and wait for a refund ? now tell me if I am wrong but this is a Fake item surley you dont send it back to be sold on to someone else these sellers should be banned from ebay and reported to trading standards as both ebay & paypal have there names and addresses this should be quite easy , but it never happens no wonder people are loosing trust in ebay surley ebay value there reputation and should start clamping down on this kind of crap Fake items are related to crime and just think of the amount of people who have there Christmas,  Birthday or Valentines spoilt by finding the perfume or other  item they bought in good faith to be Fake Come on Ebay get your finger out and stop this rubbish from spoilling it for all concerned
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