Time wasters Indecisive Inability To read

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We Are Bemused By Fellow Member Actions Or Lack Of, Having Been An Active Member For Some Years A Vendor & Purchaser,  The Manner Of Member Indecisiveness They search & Search & Posses The Indecisiveness & inability To Act @ the Correct Time With A Good starting Bid Which would More Over eliminate Another From contemplating To Making a Decisive offer,  But Alas The Concept Of Auctions Still Excites Me once An Auctioneer & A Buyer Now Part time Vendor.

I have seen Some Very exciting closing Auctions With several Parties bidding furiously Most enjoyable Alas I feel that The days have Ebbed away Where eBay was the ultimate Experience , If you really desire an item then Place a good firm Bid sit Back & await the result it is Far More exciting, Their Have Also Been Occasions That We Have Noticed Members In The UK ( EVEN BID AGAINST THIER SELVES ) Not Once  Twice  & Thrice But As many As 6-7 times How Stupid.

USA members will wait to Bid And Leave To Hope That Another Member will Not Bid Until The very Last Moment. ( Feedback Left & Received Abbreviated Vulgarities Out & Out Rude Innuendo,

UK Members Are indecisive as If Or when they Should Bid, Feedback In the UK Is appalling Abbreviated Vulgarities & An Awful amount Of Vindictive silliness.

Having Mentioned feedback We Have Sat And Read Some feedback That Others Have Given & Received Have Brought tears To Our Eyes With Laughter.

We Have Placed A Note On every Advert Stating NO E-Check accepted Members Who Cannot read Ought Not Be Members They Still Try To Pay With These Useless Time delay Tactics IF YOU AIN`T Got The Bread DO NOT BUY BID Get a Job Be Responsible Bring Up A Family GET A LIFE.

The children Of eBay bless You

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