Timewasters, Dandy trailer tent, unpaid item case. Fees

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Other ebayers have experienced these types of people who think that it is ok to bid on their auctions and just not pay or turn up.

I had a time waster that scuppered up my auction for my Dandy. She bided and won the auction following that up with a flowered up email of how her and her brood of children were so EXCITED and PLEASED of winning my Dandy. She said that she would email me the day before the 3rd May Thursday and would give me a more accurate time of when she'd be coming on the 3rd May lunchtime as she lived 4 hrs away. If I wanted she would pay me a deposit into my paypal account but I said I trusted that she was coming (famous last words) and to simply pay me when she got here. Our Dandy was sold on the 21st April 2012. I thought that it was a little strange someone so far away (down south I guessed seeing her small feedback) would bid.

So this is when it starts, I booked a 1/2 day's holiday (which I really needed to keep to spend time with my children) so I emailed her on 1st May to tell her that I have booked a holiday to accommodate her visit. I didnt get a reply, didn't worry as she said she would email on the 2nd, but no reply on the 2nd either so I emailed again and followed that up with a phone call to double check everything. Phone call ignored and no reply. So I did my own investigation on her as other 6 berth Dandys had been coming up after mine. I emailed the lovely people and found out loads. She was already emailing other dandy owners of 6 berths with offers as soon as the day after mine was sold. These lovely people confirmed she was almost their buyer but had sold to someone else as their offer was higher one. Also other kind Dandy owners got back in touch about my so called buyer telling the same tale (several of them). Remember, all of this was in the 12 days that she was meant to be picking up the Dandy that she bought from me. So by then I already knew that this person had hoodwinked me, she had landed me a bill from Ebay of almost £40.00.  So I opened an unpaid item against her in order to recoup my fees and relist my item. I have phoned Ebay customer support to report her and they have been very helpful. I was lucky that she hadn't paid me by paypal as I wouldn't have been able to open a case of unpaid item. So at least they now know about her. I have been told to block her and set different requirements on selling so this is what I have done. I have now specifically blocked her and anyone who has has 2 strikes within 12 months by tailoring the requirement preferences, so if a buyer has scuppered up an auction twice and has an unpaid item case against them they are blocked from bidding. So Please Be careful with time wasters, don't let them tell you when they want to come. Put in your listing collect and pay within 7days. I was too trusting and accommodating.  I hope this doesn't happen to you and thank you for reading. 

To block a buyer link is  Bidder Block
To open a case against a non payer  Case Non Payer
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