Tinted Face Moisturiser Buying Guide

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Tinted Face Moisturiser Buying Guide

A tinted face moisturiser is any moisturising lotion with self-tanning or bronzing included. Some tinted face moisturisers also include a sun protection factor (SPF), which can protect the skin from the sun. Tinted face moisturisers vary in price and quality, with a range of different options for people with different budgets. Some moisturisers also include biological products, extra moisturising, anti-aging effects, or even light foundation. Exact options do depend on the buyer and the brand so it is important to shop around before making a purchase.

Choosing an appropriate tinted face moisturiser involves researching brands and styles that work for the skin tone and type the moisturiser will be used for. In most cases, the exact type, shade, and effect of the moisturiser should depend on the buyer's skin. Buyers can look in drugstores, salons specialising in skin health and beauty, as well as online stores to purchase a variety of different tinted face moisturisers.

Tinted Face Moisturiser Benefits

Tinted face moisturisers have many benefits, including helping the skin improve its looks and creating the appearance of a discreet natural foundation for those who do not need a great deal of makeup. Tinted face moisturisers are similar to a sheer foundation in that they help to smooth out the skin tone and reduce the immediate effect of blemishes or a ruddy complexion. Unlike foundations, tinted moisturisers do not clog the pores, benefitting the skin.

Another benefit of tinted face moisturiser is that it hydrates the skin. Studies show that daily hydration of the skin using creams can reduce aging, improves elasticity, and keeps skin looking younger. A daily application of tinted bronzer could also help to reduce the perceived need for tanning, which also increases aging and dries out the skin.

Tinted Face Cream vs. Tinted Face Lotion

Tinted face moisturisers come as both creams and lotions and both have their benefits. Creams typically are thicker, are sold in jars, and often have a higher level of oil but are not necessarily greasier. Creams are excellent for hydrating skin and providing a balance of oil and moisture. Lotions are thinner, usually liquid, often sold in tubes, and are better choices for men and women with eczema, oily skin, or with sensitive skin. Some people also choose to use lotion in the summer and cream in the winter when the skin dries out more frequently.

Types of Bronzers

There is a variety of bronzers that are used to produce a fake tan or imitation tan and the most common of those is DHA. Depending on the buyer, different tanning solutions might be more appealing so it is a good idea to check and see what bronzers are used in the moisturiser. Options range from the organic to the chemical, as well as simple temporary bronzers that quickly wash off.


DHA bronzers are the most common fake tan ingredients and are the ones routinely used in professional spray tans. DHA cause a chemical reaction in the skin using a combination of amino acids that react with dead skin layers of the skin. While the reaction is temporary, the tan is less likely to come off patchy, as many temporary bronzers are known for doing. DHA bronzers are likely to be more expensive as well because they are the most popular.


Tyrosine bronzers contain the amino acid tyrosine and actually work to stimulate melanin in the same way as the sun, but with more temporary results, especially when used in combination with either natural or tanning bed tanning. In either case, no scientific proof exists to support that tyrosine helps to bronze the skin.


Melanotan is a compound that was created to darken the skin by increasing melatonin production in the body. A research study proved that the compound does darken the skin, which makes it one of the first synthetic hormones proven to bronze the skin without the use of UV. Melanotan is not always listed and is sometimes rare in bronzers and tinted moisturisers.

Temporary Bronzers

Temporary bronzers include any type of moisturising that simply colours the skin darker. These are the most common because they allow for the fastest results. Most tinted face moisturisers contain at least a small amount of temporary bronzers in order to produce a reasonable result. These often wash off the next day, which makes them similar to wearing a light foundation. Buyers looking for temporary bronzers should apply them before getting dressed and because these bronzers can stain clothing.


Moisturisers contain a variety of ingredients but most are intended to hydrate the skin. Skin hydration can reduce dead skin, create a softer feel to the skin, help skin to heal more quickly, and improve elasticity and collagen production of the skin. These last two factors are instrumental in reducing or preventing signs of aging including sagging, wrinkles, and age spots. Moisturisers can vary in style and content from biological to purely chemical base. Most commonly, oils contain some form of synthetic or natural oil, water content, natural vitamins such as vitamin E, and sometimes silicone derived ingredients.

Choosing a Shade for Tinted Face Moisturiser

Choosing a shade is crucial for choosing a moisturiser that looks good on the wearer. Many tinted face moisturisers come with various shades but some are also simply labelled for light, medium, or dark skin. In this case, buyers can simply check their skin tone and make a purchase decision. However, many buyers could also choose to purchase one shade darker for a slightly darker tanning effect. This practice does not work all the time, especially if the owner tends to miss patches, or does not use the same shade on highly visible portions of the neck or shoulders. Most buyers can also choose to purchase a small sample to test out before purchasing a full size jar or tube of moisturiser.

Tinted Face Moisturiser Key Ingredients

While there are many ingredients in moisturisers, buyers can watch out for specific ingredients that usually mean quality. These include SPF, antioxidants, aloe vera, and a variety of other options. If these are the ingredients of a specific tinted face moisturiser, they can benefit the skin, especially if the moisturiser is used over a long time.


Some tinted face moisturisers come with SPF, many even including 15 or higher SPF. While this is a personal choice, most dermatologists agree that applying SPF each day is beneficial to the skin. Exposure to sunlight, even through a glass, can age and dry the skin, increase development of wrinkles, and cause collagen levels to decrease. While it is not mandatory to choose SPF, it is an excellent addition to any moisturiser.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a known moisturiser and most importantly, it is completely natural. Studies show that the gel from the plant contains a rich range of essential vitamins including vitamins A and E, which both help to improve collagen and elasticity. The skin also absorbs aloe vera up to four times faster than it absorbs standard water, which means faster moisturising for the skin.


Any vitamins that have been included in a tinted face moisturiser can only be a good thing. Vitamins including all antioxidants as well as vitamin A and C can help the skin to heal, improve collagen and elasticity, reduce free radicals, which cause cell breakdown, and help to improve overall skin health. Many vitamins are important for health, so they are always a great addition to any moisturiser.

Buying Tinted Face Moisturiser on eBay

eBay is a great place to purchase tinted face moisturisers because it is easy to search, easy to find a range of different brands and products, and does not require you to visit a store or drive to a special location to find what you are looking for. eBay is also a great way to find a specific tinted moisturiser without going out of your way to search because you can simply type in what you are looking for. With a large range of products, brands, and different options, it is relatively easy to find the tinted face moisturiser you are looking for on eBay.

Try typing in either 'tinted face moisturiser', a specific brand such as 'Dove Summer Glow', or a specific ingredient such as 'tinted face moisturiser aloe vera'. You can then browse through your results, compare options, and settle on a specific moisturiser. Ideas include finding a sample to purchase before purchasing a full jar or tube. From there you can contact the seller or purchase your selection.


There are many different tinted face moisturisers on the market and each of them has its own benefits, which can make the selection of one product a rather difficult one. Very cheap options usually contain very few nutrients and temporary bronzers, while more expensive options contain DHA as well as vitamin E, aloe vera, or other key ingredients for skin's health. Benefits of using a tinted face moisturiser include that a person can sometimes avoid wearing foundation, can present the look of a light to medium tan without sun exposure, and moisturise the skin using only one product.

Tinted face moisturisers can be purchased on eBay, in drugstores, and salons specialising in skin care. Different moisturisers include different ingredients although a higher price does not guarantee better results. Good qualities to look for include vitamins, aloe vera and sunscreen. Buyers should decide on these factors as well as whether they prefer lotion or cream before making a purchase.

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