Tip for Buyers - Search, Search, Search

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This is my first guide.

I am a Seller here on Ebay and want to point out to new buyers and also people who have bought before that it is worth your while using the Search facility before you buy an item you have seen.

I am amazed when I research my competition and find that they are selling items for more money (including postage) when I have the same thing you could have bought for less.

If I buy anything on Ebay I always use the search facility to search for the cheapest price so I can get a bargain, whether it be clothing, books, CD's, DVD's etc, new or second hand.

Example: Type 'Dora the Explorer Outfit' in the Search engine and it will give you a list of every item with those words in the title, you can also get it to list them with 'lowest price' first.

There is nothing better than buying or winning an item and getting it for a good price rather than buying something and then finding out you could have got it cheaper from someone else.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope that you have found this guide useful.










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