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A guide to best auction times


Most people including myself list items without shedding a thought for the item ending time, Are you the same ? if yes keep reading.


Firstly when listing you need to consider the following...

The primetime to my research and alot of others is from 6:30pm to 10pm this is when the biddings most active, But not forgetting from 7pm till 8 pm most days people will be watching The tv soaps daft i know but true most households watch them and its got to be considered. i end my items for 6:45pm this seems to give the most positive effect and i see alot of snipering live bidders at this time so id say try using this time if possible.

Also consider the day beginning of the week people usually have spent up due to the weekend so look to ending the item thursdays if possible or fridays but remember most people go our drinking on a friday night so your going to be best with thursday which is usually the day before most peoples payday.

Best cash on collection days.. this applys to people selling cars or items on needing collection, through the week is hard for most people exspecially those who work from 9-5 id try to aim for saturday or sunday daytimes when most will be off work for the weekend. worth considering when listing a car if it ends thursday most would want to collect on the weekend but if the auction ends lets say on tuesday many would be put off making you wait untill the weekend or at least closer to their payday.

End of the month is also a good time exspecially for those on monthly salarys thiers alot to research to get it right but this guide should give you an helping hand..

Football or sports games...Never forget that when a special match is on EG: england football the auctions will be less active so research if theres anything happening that may cause people not to be at thier computer on the day your items due to end this could effect your sale.

If you want toend your item at the weekend.. which can prove to be a very good time to end an item if the timings right, Just bare in mind this that on a saturday morning alot of bidders will be sleeping off an hangover from the friday night so try to aim for 2:00afternoon always after dinner ! and if on a sunday remember alot go out for sunday lunches so id reccomend 3:30pm for sundays as sunday morning is a bad time in my eyes theres a great deal of us that go out saturdays and sunday is the day of rest afterall so who wants to awake early not me. and remember the religous community also go to church on sundays so that would rule them out for bidding.


Theres alot to consider but id definately say the above is an essential to successfull auctions and times do matter so give it a try see how you go but always give thought to the ending time theres an option on ebay selling options to shedule your listings it costs extra but is worth it to hit that prime bidding time.


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