Tips On How To Boost Your Shisha Hookah Experience By Al-Dukkan

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We at Al-Dukkan are committed to supply you with our greatest tips and tricks, which will equip you with enough tips and tricks to enjoy the greatest Shisha experience.
This guide will take you through everything you need to take into consideration when putting together a Shisha/Hookah. For most first timers it could be almost impossible to assemble a Shisha, and that’s why we at Al-Dukkan are taking this opportunity to highlight the main points you should take into consideration before putting together the perfect shisha.
 Firstly Al-Dukkan would like to thank you for taking the time to read our guide and recommend you have a pen and paper to hand to write down some of the greatest forgotten about hints.

Now we would like to look at things you could do to boost your shisha experience.
  1. When you first receive your shisha clean the inside of the stem and water vase using washing liquid and hot water before use, making sure everything is clean and dried to eliminate any sorts of bacteria.
  2. Place all rubber gourmets in their acquired position, which will enable you to carry the shisha securely and would also help it stand firmly on the ground without any wobbles.
  3. If already purchased strap the rubber base supporter to the bottom of the glass vase, which will add protection to the glass when placed on the floor/ table, and stop it from slipping on slippery surfaces. (If you haven’t yet purchased this item I have attached the following link directing you to more information on this product). (link coming soon)
  4. Before setting up your shisha, if not using instant light up coals begin lighting up your charcoals so they are prepared by the time you are finished making your perfect shisha Al-Dukkan style. If your using instant light up coals only, start enlightening them just before making the shisha head
  5. First fill up your glass vase with water and put a slight line to remember where you should fill the water to each time as you will be emptying the water out after every session to maintain the great taste and the life of your shisha.
  6. Once the shisha is assembled, collect an amount you feel is right for your shisha head, test the amount by putting it in the head and making sure its not overloaded, once the perfect amount has been gathered, squeeze the excess juices in the flavour in the sink and sprinkle the flavour in the head.
  7. Once the head has been prepared cut off a cube shaped foil piece and place it on top of the head. Make sure you place the foil shiny side down so that it retains the maximum heat, wrap it around and ensure it’s stuck on tightly. Now you are ready to poke the holes, using a sharp pin or tooth pick poke holes through the foil. (Without the holes, smoking is impossible so don’t miss this step)
  8. Once the holes have been completed place the head on the top of the shisha, collect your coals from the cooker, place it on top and enjoy what you surely deserve!
After following the steps above your officially good to assemble the perfect Shisha Hookah.


Al-Dukkan would like to thank you for taking the time to read through our guide. Please do contact us with any further questions/ queries you may have and it has been a pleasure sharing with you our knowledge on how to buy, build and enjoy the perfect shisha!
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