Tips for Buying a Sewing Machine

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Although sewing machines do not seem like an important utility, there are many things consumers need to consider when purchasing a sewing machine. Virtually all sewing machines have a similar function, but because of the many different brands, amenities, and features sewing machines present, it is important for consumers to be accustomed with what sewing machines can really offer. Furthermore, when shopping for a sewing machine, it is quite easy for consumers to feel overwhelmed with all the choices. In order to find a quality sewing machine easily, consumers need to be aware of the different types of sewing machines available, the distinguishing features of these machines, and the types of accessories they can utilise.

Different Types of Sewing Machines

Before searching for a sewing machine, consumers need to consider what types of sewing machines are available. Many advancements in sewing machine technologies appeared throughout the years, from primitive, mechanical sewing machines to the advanced, computerised models. With a little knowledge about what is available, consumers have the first step in finding the right sewing machine for them.

Type of Sewing Machine




Electric Sewing Machines


Easy to use

Low maintenance costs

Easier sewing manipulation

Cannot sew without electricity

Faster sewing speeds

Can be difficult for beginners

More options than simple straight stitching

Foot pedal drives the motor and controls speed

Range and size of stitches

Computerised Sewing Machines

Memorises the settings for past work

Stores hundreds of different stitches to choose among

Easily create patterns

High maintenance costs

Can be difficult to use and complicated

Expensive upfront costs

Computer chips control tension, length and width of stitches

Touchpad or computer screen allows easy consumer manipulation

Overlocker Sewing Machines

Stop fraying from happening

Produces a professional finish to the stitching seams

Sews faster than typical sewing machines

Need another machine to neaten the edge

Often have to cut fabric edges manually

Cannot use an overlocker on its own

Uses loopers to create a binding edge that holds stitches in place and prevents unravelling

Manual Sewing Machines

Allows complete control over stitching

Speed control

Useful for beginners

Difficult to find

Stitching can be quite slow with these machines

Utilises a hand wheel consumers need to spin to drive the needle and thread

With these different types of sewing machines available, consumers need to consider what they mostly sew, their experience level in sewing, what types of fabrics they want to use, and what types of stitching patterns to use on their garments. Furthermore, it is important to also think about the price of these machines, as there is definitely a wide price range.

Distinguishing Features of a Sewing Machine

In addition to the different types of sewing machines available, consumers should take some time to consider the distinguishing features of a sewing machine. Whether a sewing machine is computerised or has an overlocker, features such as the price of the machine, the importance of the brand, and how the sewing machine interacts with different fabrics determines the actual experience a consumer has with their sewing machine.

Considering the Price

For most consumers, price is a crucially important factor that reflects not only the importance of this machine in their lives, but also how often they are using their sewing machines. It is important to remember that a cheaper machine often features disposable, plastic mechanisms that can be difficult to replace. Mid-price sewing machines are definitely more common, and for consumers who want to use their machine often while creating sturdy and interesting stitching, these types of machines feature better engineering and last much longer. Lastly, the high-price sewing machines are typically specialty machines for consumers who want to sew on a daily basis. These machines often include long arm quilting machines,upholstery machines and embroidery machines.

Importance of the Brand Name

When looking for a sewing machine, it is quite easy to simply choose among the wealth of popular brands users can find at most outlet stores. Although this makes the shopping experience much faster, it also allows consumers to easily choose the wrong machine for their needs. With popular brands, consumers should always think about how the manufacturer has constructed their machines and where they built them. Additionally, many sewing machines brands utilise cheap, plastic material from overseas that greatly reduces the machine's life.

How to Buy a Sewing Machine on eBay

With a quality, performance sewing machine, you can easily start creating sturdy, beautiful pieces of clothing and other materials quickly and easily. Fortunately, there are many different sewing machines available at highly competitive prices right on eBay. To begin searching for your next sewing machine, simply locate the eBay search bar and enter keywords relative to the products you want. Furthermore, you can filter your results based on the price of the product, its condition, and the location of the seller by utilising eBay's Advanced Search Features. Once you have found an attractive product, always thoroughly read through the product descriptions and examine the seller's reviews and ratings.

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