Tips for Buying a Skateboard

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Tips for Buying a Skateboard

Long gone are the days of a skateboard made of plywood with wheels taken from an old pair of roller skates. Today, skateboard decks are made from a number of different materials, including maple, koa wood, bamboo, plastic, or composites. Composite materials, although not considered eco-friendly, tend to have more durability. Materials for composite skateboards include carbon fibre, epoxy, and fibreglass. The wheels have become more high tech, too. While some are made of plastic, others use hard composite materials like polyurethane, which can take a beating and still perform like new. Skateboards are commonly available at sporting goods and department stores. Another ideal place to find skateboards in on eBay, where buyers can not only find a vast selection of new and used skateboards, but also parts, which helps lower the cost of the upkeep on a skateboard.

Know Skateboarding Style and Skill Level Beforehand

Some people actually use a skateboard to get around. For people who live in areas with smooth pavement and not much traffic, skateboarding can be a pleasant way to get from place to place. Skateboards used in this manner do not have to be high tech and a standard, inexpensive board is generally suitable. However, users who spend afternoons grinding at the local skatepark probably want a skateboard that is durable and can take a pounding. One of the most durable and popular brands of skateboards are those made by Plan B.

Size Matters

Deck length and width are important factors when determining what style of skateboarding the user needs. The average skateboard has a width of around 21 cm and a length of 78 cm. However, children should use smaller skateboards. For example, a child who stands less than 101 cm tall, is better suited with a micro skateboard, which has a deck size of around 15 by 70 cm, also known as a mini skateboard. Someone who stands between 102 and 130 cm tall, should use a mid-size skateboard that measures 17 by 71 cm. Buyers with a height between 130 and 160 cm should use a 18 by 74 cm skateboard. Going in the other direction are longboards, which can reach up to 117 cm in length. These skateboards are ideal for cruising or downhill skateboarding.

Buy Complete or Customise

In most scenarios, skateboard buyers want to purchase a complete skateboard, one that has the deck,trucks, and wheels put together and is ready to roll. For those who like putting things together, the parts are purchasable separately, allowing consumer to create a one-of-a-kind board. Adding decals or paint can help the rider make a statement with their board, especially if they can back it up with well-performed tricks and stunts.

Protection is Necessary

Unless the rider is just using the skateboard as transportation, and sometimes even then, spills are a part of life when riding a skateboard. Falls can be particularly dangerous if the rider is not wearing the proper protection. This includes wearing pads that go on elbows and knees, padded gloves that protect the heels of hands as well as fingers and, of course, a helmet. These items have come a long way as they are no longer big and bulky, and can actually be a fashion statement when matched with the right T-shirt,shorts, and shoes.

Do not Forget to Accessorise

In addition to decals and paints, other items are necessary when skateboarding. These must-have items includegrip tape,tools,wax, and board bag. Decals and stickers allow the skateboarder to show off their individual style and can cover up any minor dings or dents the skateboard may have.

How to Buy a Skateboard

Whether the consumer is looking for a new or used skateboard, one that comes complete or involves customising with different decks, trucks, and wheels, eBay is the place for everything the novice and experienced skateboarder needs. Using the search function found on every eBay page, searchers can look for skateboards by a number of criteria, such as brand, material, size, and price range. Once consumers determine what board they want to purchase, they can narrow the search further by checking the seller's feedback rating and looking for shipping deals. Making sure one has the right tools, parts, and accessories helps keep the skateboard in working order for a long time.

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