Tips for Caring for Ceiling Light Shades

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Tips for Caring for Ceiling Light Shades

A beautiful ceiling light shade can last for years with the right love and care. Although fabric items often require weekly or bi-weekly maintenance to avoid looking dull, it is sometimes possible to get away with washing them less often. However, glass shades definitely need frequent dusting to prevent them from losing their shine. Managing the cleaning process for different shade designs results in lampshades that look vibrant for longer.


Keeping Ceiling Light Shades Free from Dust

Dust builds up slowly over time, and when it is left to accumulate, it soon causes ceiling light shades to discolour. On a weekly basis, owners should use dust cloths to wipe down shades. In the case of fabric light shades, cleaning is even easier with small upholstery nozzles attached to vacuum cleaners. Pleated lampshades are more challenging to clean. Some owners use small paint brushes to clean between the pleats.


Bringing an Old Ceiling Lampshade Back to Life

Sometimes owners simply do not have time to dust all the lampshades in their homes regularly. If lampshades have suffered from neglect, it is possible to bring old lampshades back to life. Owners remove the shades from the light fittings, submerge them in a little warm water with washing powder and leave them to soak for about 30 minutes. If it is not possible to completely submerge shades all at once, owners can rotate them during soaking. Particularly dirty shades may require replacement of the water in the middle of the cleaning process. Lampshades should thoroughly dry before using them.


Cleaning Glass Ceiling Lampshades

When it comes to caring for glass ceiling lampshades, the cleaning routine is similar to fabric versions. Glass lampshades require weekly dusting to make sure they maintain their lustrous shine. This is tedious, but an accumulation of dust really dulls the sparkle and may even dim the light in the room. One way to make this process faster is to use a microfibre cleaning cloth, which attracts the dust to the fibres in the cloth. Cleaning with a damp cloth is necessary every 6 months to 12 months.


Extra Precautions for Dark Ceiling Lampshades

Dark and rich tones like black and red certainly look stunning when they are new, but they often fade easily and are particularly susceptible to fading from heavy water-based cleaning. A fabric black ceiling lampshade, for example, could turn grey if left to soak for too long. In these cases, owners should aim for regular dusting to prevent the type of dust buildup that requires soaking.


Caring for Modern Ceiling Lampshades

Some modern ceiling lampshades have unusual designs that are awkward to clean. However, that does not mean it is impossible to care for them. Rather than using standard dust cloths, owners can opt for thin dusters or paint brushes. If done frequently, a hair dryer on a cool setting is sufficient for blowing dust off shades.

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