Tips for Picking the Right Clown Nose for Your Face

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Tips for Picking the Right Clown Nose for Your Face

Getting both children and adults to laugh makes clowning a rewarding profession. One essential element of a clown costume is the nose. If you are in the clown business and looking to purchase a clown nose, you should keep a few considerations in mind in order to pick the perfect nose for your face.


Pick the Right Clown Nose Size and Style

There are a variety of clown nose styles and sizes for you to choose from. The size of your nose determines the size and style clown nose you need. Often, certain style clown noses only fit certain size noses. For example, pug-shaped noses and small round noses are ideal for children or adults with small to medium noses. Ball, bulbous, and hobo-shaped noses are ideal for adults with average to large sized noses. Long comedy noses are perfect for medium to large adult sized noses. Keep in mind too, that some vendors offer each clown nose in multiple sizes. To determine your clown nose size, place a ruler directly under your nose and measure the width of your nostrils at their widest point. Choose the clown nose size closest to your measurement, but never smaller. Remember, a clown nose that is too small can cause discomfort and irritation, while one that is too big can easily fall off.


Pick the Right Clown Nose Finish

The right clown nose finish for your face depends, to a large degree, on what kind of clowning you do and who you entertain. If you are an Auguste clown for example, a clown known for mischief, pranks, and crazy costumes, you need a bright glossy red clown nose that stands out against your white clown makeup. If you entertain very large crowds, you might choose a clown nose with glitter or one that lights up. This design is sure to contrast well with your makeup, making it visible from far away. Of course, your clown nose should always match the rest of your clown accessories, like wigs and shoes, as well as your face makeup.


Try a Clown Nose Tip

Clown nose tips come in many different shapes and designs. They usually come in acrylic coated latex and apply with a gentle adhesive which is safe for contact with the skin. Designs like stars, hearts, flowers, and teardrops are all popular choices. This style clown nose fits every nose size and shape. That said, some vendors offer clown nose tips in various sizes. To determine the right nose tip size for your face, use your nostril width measurement to choose the clown nose tip that offers full nose coverage.

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