Tips for assembling your pushchair

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So you've gone for it, taken the plunge and bought a pushchair through an auction on ebay. If you did it right you likely got a really good bargain compared to the highstreet! You wait a few days and lo and behold along comes your pushchair! In a box.

In a box? Somehow you thought it would come as a ready made pushchair! Well, makes sense really, its got to arrive at your doorstep somehow. If you got it from a shop it would also come in a box. For some reason when I got my pushchair I thought it would come all ready made up, and was momentarily taken aback until I actually thought about it.

The next thing you notice is that most pushchairs are imported, (as is everything these days) and so the instructions for putting them together are not particularly long explanations, although they are quite clear and easy to understand. The one I had was written by someone from China. However I did manage to get the pushchair up running without to much trouble. Here is the instruction manual - and I'll add a couple of notes and pictures where it could get a little confusing...well there were times when I was a little foxed - luckily my partner came to the rescue and saw what I needed to do instantly! Hopefully this guide may save someone somewhere about 30 mins of frustration / confusion. That's alot of time to save when dealing with kids! Anyway here are the instructions, followed by some more explanation. The links below can be clicked on to reveal the instructions! You may need to save the pictures and then enlarge them on your PC.




Ok, so now for further explanation. The first thing that hit me when unpacking the pushchair I got was the size of the wheels. They're big, but the pictures you see in the auctions don't do them justice! It's good that they're big, it means they look cool and are easy to push! I'd reccomend that you pump them up using an ordinary bicycle pump BEFORE you fit them on the pushchair. You don't have to do this but I found it easier then crouching down and pumping them up. You can pump them up hard - just as you would on a bike.

The first few instructions are easy to follow, but instruction 8 needs clarifying. It says "Insert the wheel...and ensure it be firmly, as shown". What's not obvious is that the hand is pointing to a little metal clip, that clicks into a groove on the rear rod. This clip must click into the groove for the wheel to be held firmly in place. To take the wheel off again, you just pull the clip up. When I missed this initially, I thought they had sent me a faulty buggy!

Everything else is easy to follow, however in the instructions they don't mention the footrest. It is obvious and easy to fit this, you just clip it on, however I missed the fact that there is a little screw that attaches to the chassis of the pushchair, which then holds the foot rest in place. I went for a couple of days without realising this, until my partner pointed this out to me!

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