Tips on Advertising on Ebay

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Advertising is a key component of selling on Ebay. It is important to have an honest description of your item. If your item is a short size 10 then you need to specify this instead of just stating it is a Size 10. It is annoying for your buyer if they have purchased your item and find they have to return it as the item was not described correctly. Holding information back regarding your item also may cause your problems too. So providing as much information as possible for your buyer will increase your chances of sale.


Before you place your advert make sure you have done your research. You need to go into ebay and list the item you are selling to find comparable prices which will give you a guide for the price you should place your item at. If there are lots of items selling exactly the same as yours then this might be an indication that your item might not sell that easily.  I have found unique items sell more easier than items that are selling in their mass.


A photograph of your item is imperative. A picture speaks for itself and will increase your sales.

Get selling and hopefully these advertising tips increase your sales and help you become a confident ebayer!

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