Tips on Maintaining Your Lexus Convertible

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Tips on Maintaining Your Lexus Convertible

The Lexus convertibles are the epitome of style and luxury and their price tag reflects it. Sports cars are designed to hug the road, power through intersections, and keep their driver comfortable at all times. Owners can return the favour by giving their cars the best care possible through maintenance and cosmetic attention. Vehicles should look as good as they run which requires some basic routine steps that will keep the Lexus convertible running like new and looking like a star. In addition to keeping the vehicle in its best condition, maintaining it gives owners the opportunity to connect more with their Lexus by spending some warm afternoons soaking up the sun and tending to their car. The end result of an afternoon's work is a feeling of pride and accomplishment. However, those who would rather pass on the work to someone else can certainly do so.

Maintaining a car is also a way to protect the large amount of money that owners have invested in it. Simple things like keeping it clean helps to protect the paint from damage which keeps it looking new and shiny. Tending to the engine and drivetrain also reduces the amount of wear and tear on the vehicle, which keeps the its value up. The price difference between a car in "fair" condition and a car in "very good" condition is usually several thousand pounds, and the best part is that these simple maintenance tips are inexpensive and easy to do.

Tip 1. Drive the Lexus Convertible Gently

This may seem like a pretty simple task, but driving gently in a sports car with a lot of power under the bonnet can be a real challenge. However, how owners drive their car makes a huge impact on its lifespan. To better understand this, consider the car as though it is a human body. Once the vehicle wears out, it can not heal itself.

There are numerous ways to be more gentle on a Lexus. First, accelerate more slowly and smoothly rather than pushing on the acceleration pedal too quickly every time. Next, give an adequate amount of room to come to a gradual slow down and stop, rather than stomping on the brakes at the last minute.

Another way to be gentle is to allow the engine some time to warm up on the cold days. Driving with cold oil and fluids is hard on the engine. Revving the engine a few times while still parked is one way to do this.

Tip 2. Pay Attention to the Lexus Convertable's Engine Warning Signs

Warning signs seem to have a tendency to pop on at the worst times. Naturally, most people are in the middle of something when the symbols come on and they cannot just drop everything to go tend to the problem. It is actually okay to go short distances before getting them checked out, but be extremely careful not to go any further than necessary. The lights are designed to come on when the problem is just starting, and not when catastrophe has already arrived.

Today there seem to be warning lights for just about everything, including tyre pressure. In order to maintain the Lexus, get the issue corrected as soon as possible. Even one low tyre can begin to wear down the suspension after time.

Pay particular attention to the brake light, engine oil light, check engine light, and the temperature gauge. These are the most serious warnings. However, the check engine light can be resolved as simply as putting on the petrol cap more tightly.

Tip 3. Unload Extra Weight

Extra weight in the car puts a lot of strain on the engine, suspension, brakes, and tyres. Rather than wearing out the vehicle sooner than it should be, unload it frequently. It is easy to get a build-up of personal belongings in the car, especially for those who travel a lot and have to keep their stuff with them. Regularly clean all of the stuff out. This will also keep the interior of the Lexus looking new for longer.

Another way to lighten up the load is to reduce the amount of air resistance. Take off any accessories that catch the wind and put a drag on the car. Bug shields are a good example of this.

Tip 4. Change the Car's Oil and Other Vital Fluids

Probably the easiest way to keep the Lexus running smoothly is to regularly change out the fluids. Even if the Lexus is not being driven that often, the fluids will degrade inside the engine after a certain period of time. Mileage is not necessarily the only indicator that it is time flush out the fluids.

The fluids are extremely important to the health of the engine, transmission, steering, and brakes, and just making sure that the lubricants are topped off is not enough. Dirt and grime builds up in them over time which creates unnecessary friction and heat among moving parts. The fluids in particular that must be changed include the transmission fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid, power-steering fluid, oil, and antifreeze.

It is recommended that the oil be changed out every 3,000 miles but if the Lexus is not driven every month, then consider getting the oil changed at 2,000 miles. The transmission fluid should be replaced at 60,000 miles or sooner for vehicles that are driven less. The Lexus owner's manual will have some customised recommendations about fluid changes for the Lexus make and model.

Tip 5. Frequently Give the Lexus Convertible a Basic Wash

Keeping the Lexus looking great keeps its sale value up and the owner happy. Driving around a shiny convertible is much more fun than being seen in a dirty, rusty one.

Cleaning cars is easy and only requires water, a clean cloth or mitt, and specific soap. Be sure to buy soap that is specifically designed for vehicles. Household soaps can strip the paint off of the car over time.

When washing, start at the top and then work down, while paying attention to one part of the car at a time. For example, pick a panel at the top, and then move to the one underneath. This prevents dirt and grime from the top running down onto the newly clean parts.

Here are the steps to take when washing a car:

1 Rinse the entire car to get rid of as much dirt as possible

2 Wash the car from top to bottom without scrubbing too hard

3 Rinse the car during the washing process, then again when the washing is done

4 Check the car for any missed spots and re-wash those areas

5 Rinse for the final time, then use towels to dry the car

Tip 6. Wax the Lexus

Most of the vehicles on the road today have a clear paint coat to protect the paint from fading or chipping. While the extra protection is great, more steps need to be taken to keep the paint looking new for years to come.

Waxing is one way to shine up the paint, protect it from the sun, and hide minor scratches. The wax finish should be done twice a year, at least, and three to four times a year at best to keep the paint in optimal condition.

How to Find Maintenance Supplies for a Lexus Convertible on eBay

Don't get discouraged by all of the supplies that are needed to maintain your Lexus. They are all fairly inexpensive even if you hire someone else to do the work for you. The fluids will cost the most, but typically the mechanic working on the project can sell those to you.

If you would rather get a little bonding time with your car and maintain it yourself, eBay is a great place to purchase everything for the project. On their website you can find everything you need without ever leaving the house. In addition to this there are multiple listings for each project, which gives you the opportunity to shop around for the best deals before you buy anything.

To find anything on eBay, just use the search bar. Enter in the product name, such as "oil", and then click on the search button. If you prefer a certain brand just include the name in the search. For example, you can look for " Castrol oil". To compare prices for the best deals you can sort the listings by price, lowest or highest first, and you can even save listings to compare later, if you need to.


Purchasing a vehicle is a huge investment. For most people, it is the most expensive thing they buy other than a home. In order to protect their money, the car must hold its value. To do this, owners have to maintain their car to the best of their abilities. The more care it receives, the longer it will stay in good condition, and the better it can hold its value.

Luckily, anyone can maintain their vehicle in good condition by following some simple steps such as washing it, not driving it aggressively, waxing the paint, and frequently changing the fluids. It is also a good idea to have the car regularly checked out by a mechanic. They will look at the fluids, gaskets, lights, and other things that may need to be taken care of, but may not be overly obvious. Most people get their car checked out around every 50,000 miles. This is a great time to have the fluids which are more difficult to get to cleaned out.

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