Tips on buying SSD/harddisk

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by BzzAgent milkbottlec

As you may buy SSD or harddisk back from eBay, it is sometimes hard to catch which is faulty or not. The best way to do is once received, open it and run a test on it before loading your OS or your files into the SSD.

This software can protect you buying bad SSD or harddisk back. Or at least save you some time in researching how to do it.

  • automatically reports and highlights any anomalies;
  • allows enabling/disabling SMART;
  • allows enabling/disabling Automatic Offline Data Collection - a short self-check that the drive will perform automatically every four hours with no impact on performance;
  • supports configuration of global and per-drive options for smartctl;
  • performs SMART self-tests;
  • displays drive identity information, capabilities, attributes, and self-test/error logs;
  • can read in smartctl output from a saved file, interpreting it as a read-only virtual device;
  • works on most smartctl-supported operating systems;
  • has extensive help information.

Start by downloading "gsmartcontrol" a freeware.

gsmartcontrol is a graphical user interfacesoftware which can help you check the health.

Really helps in buying from eBay to make sure you get the right thing, as SSD and harddisk could have bad sector and other damage which can't be shown physically (or at least you can not spot by eye), the software can analyse it for you and show you a proper explanation! 

by BzzAgent milkbottlec
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