Tips on how to care for your hair extensions...

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Please take a look at some essential tips whilst wearing hair extensions.

- Take care of your Human Hair Extensions as you would your own natural hair, and remember that like your natural hair, your extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat or abuse.
- When removing knots or tangles start at the ends and work your way up. Never pull on your Extensions.
- Gently tie your hair up in a scarf or wear in a ponytail while sleeping.
- Wash regularly with a mild shampoo designed for Hair Extensions in cool water.
- Keep your scalp moisturized, but avoid conditioners or silicone based products if your hair is bonded because these products will loosen the bonds.
- When drying your hair, never rub or scrub with a towel . Simply wrap hair in a towel or air dry if possible.
- Wait until hair is completely dry before combing or brushing.
- Do not use shampoos or conditioners that contain oils or fruits oils such as wheatgerm or citrus, using shampoos that contain these ingredients could result in damage to your extension bonds
- When rinsing hair, rinse for a few seconds extra as the extra volume created by your extension may mean it takes a little longer to rinse.
- We advise never to sleep with wet or damp hait as it could affect the bonds or may cause the hair to tangle whilst asleep
- If you have an oily scalp wash hair reqularly, as build up of natural oils could lead to your wax bonds slipping or falling out
- You can use styling products but not serums, again these could damage the wax bond.
- If you regularly swim or are planning to on holiday whilst wearing your extensions we recommend that when swimming in the sea or a swimming pool you wear a protective bathing cap as the chemicals in the pool or salt levels in the sea may effect your extensions
- When brushing, use a soft bristle brush and start from the bottom and gently work your way up (Avoid tugging or harsh brushing as this could weaken the bonds that hold the extensions in place)
- Before fitting the hair should be washed but without any conditioner as this could make the bonds slup down
- If you straighten the hair, only straighten from mid-length to the end of the hair, as this can make the bonds hot and therefore causes them to adhere
- If you fit the bonds too tightly this can cause the root to break away
- Be cafeful when using tools such as hair dryer or straighteners, to much heat can cause the bonds to weaken
- Treat your extensions with the same respect as your natural hair. Good aftercare and a reqular maintenance will keep your hair looking great for longer
- As hair extensions aren't as strong as your normal hair, some will loosen and drop out, this is normal on all extensions.

Please remember insuffucent aftercare can cause the bonds to weaken, hair extensions should be looked after even more than your natural hair.


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