Tips on how to reduce the occurrence of foot odour.

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Most causes of foot odour is sweaty feet, caused by bacteria on the skin breaking the sweat down, this in turn releases an offensive smell. There is also the risk of minor skin infections, through athlete's foot, or blisters. Some of the tips below will help reduce the effect of foot odour.

  1. Start every day with a new pair of socks because a pair of socks worn the next day has an oily film, which if dried out overnight reduces the absorptive capacity of the socks.

  2. Wear shoes with breatheable uppers should be worn at all times. There are now shoes with breatheable soles like GEOX which allow moisture out, but do not allow water in. Non-breatheable uppers, linings and insoles i.e. non leather uppers should be avoided.

  3. It is best to have more that one pair of shoe so that he can wear them on alternate days, giving each pair enough time to dry out.

  4. Treatment of excessive perspiration is best done by seeing a podiatrist or dermatologist.

  5. Avoid wearing trainers for long periods. Most trainers are insulating and synthetic – ideal conditions for cheesy feet.

  6. This can usually be prevented with basic hygiene, or medicated or antibacterial insoles which can have a deodorising effect. Leave the insoles out to air apart from the shoe when not worn.

  7. Wash your feet with an anti-bacterial soap such as Hibiscrub.

  8. Wear sandals when you can during the summer months, this airs the feet and reduces the build up of excessive bacteria build-up on the skin.

Following these simple steps will help reduce or eradicate any foot odour issues.

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