Tips on using a stud extractor tool

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Tips on using a stud extractor tool

-Use penetrating fluid
If the stud is rusted in place, soak the base of the stud threads with penetrating fluid to remove the corrosion and make it easier to take out. If possible, let the penetrating fluid soak in overnight.

-Measure the old stud
Before working on the old stud, measure its exposed portion to verify the new stud is the same size. Note the measurement.

-Install the ‘drive’ nut
Find two nuts with the same size and thread as the old stud, and thread one of these all the way down to the bottom of the stud. This will be the ‘drive’ nut.

-Install the ‘jam’ nut
Thread the second nut all the way down until it sits on top of the drive nut. This second nut will be the ‘jam’ nut.

-Tighten the 'jam' nut
Secure an open-end wrench to the bottom “drive” nut and hold it in position. Then tighten the “jam” nut against the “drive nut” with a box or open-end wrench. The jam nut will now prevent the drive nut from moving.

-Turn the ‘drive’ nut
Use the open-end wrench to turn the bottom drive nut counter-clockwise. The drive nut applies the turning force to the stud and forces it to unscrew.

-Remove the stud
Continue to rotate the drive nut until the stud comes out.

-Attach the stud remover
If jam and drive nuts don’t budge the stud, you can use a stud remover. Slide the stud remover over the old stud and seat it flush with the surface of the component. Turn the jaws in a counter clockwise direction until the stud is held tight.

-Turn counterclockwise
Fit a wrench onto the stud remover and turn the wrench in a counter-clockwise direction. The stud remover will grip the stud and turn it. Continue to rotate the stud, using the wrench, until the stud comes out.

-Inspect for damage
Once you’ve removed the old stud, inspect the internal thread of the hole for any damage
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