Tired of no action taken on power sellers?

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Every been in a situation trying to resolve a problem with ebay?

Ever had just constant same responsive emails saying the same?

Every reported a seller and still left out of pocket?

I mean there is endless flaws to mention that in total average once or twice or maybe more not recieved your goods

 Yet after opening a disupte console and reported to ebay trust and safty and still remain no answer to your problem.consider this is a power seller or high scoring trader 1=2 thousand above has 20-30 negatives all due to not recieved!  kept money!  poor quailty! Alarm bells should ringing if they also have been reported the same time they took from innocent victims.

Think of it this way 30 negatives x aprox. m in 5 pounds = 150 max 300 or more pounds is lost with this seller im sure its a fantastic side line to cream of the surface on the side from buyers misfortune.

I suggest only payment eccept is PAYPAL to seller than offering Cheque, postal orders, Cash ect

I did consider ebay a safe place i now have my doughts and feel totally insecure do you?

And why is it via phone or email we can only deal with staff who are robotically trained? Dont we have the right to complan to higher positions within ebay ? Not really advertised well yet find.

I myself have been awaiting a 20 pounds gift voucher promised on the 13th of march been 1 month and 1 day to date anyone else been promised but nothing? even thou you email numoerous times and ring to get the same person pitching same unhelpfu advice?

Whats it take for ebay to really sort the customer skills instead of sending us questionaires to fill eveyr TIME you make anyn contact with them !

I actually thought great we can now ring up ebay for help and advice but this remains a pointless exercise as any enquiry is deal with by staff who are and havenot enough powers to complete and deal with your enquire.

There also seems to be to much automative responses to emails sent to them regarding help with matters but to wait intensly for 10 days? then report issue again wait 10 days i think there is a overload on ebay and sufficiantly im fed up with the system here generally there needs to be much more improvements regarding traders selling poor quailty good or keeping your money.


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