Titanic. 1997 DVD

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If your a Titanic fan and you only ever watch one Titanic movie in your live, then this version of The Titanic story is NOT the version of this famous event that took place on the night of 14th/15th April 1912 to watch.

Yes, James Cameron has made a brillient reproduction of this famous ship and how it sunk but he spoilt it by mixing in a love story of a 1st class passenger and a stearage passenger which in real live would never  have happened. Leoardo DiCaprio looks like a 14 year old boy compared to the very real grown-up Kate Winslet.

Having said this Titanic would not have been so sucessful had James Cameron made a remake of the best and the most admired of Titanic movies 'A Night To Remember' 1958, Mr Cameron was correct  in making this movie a love story, and not an Titanic remake movie.

 Many young people mostly young girls went to see this movie more than once making it the most successful movie for many a year and winning 11 Academy Awards in the process. 

If you want to buy this movie on DVD then go for the Deluxe Collector's Edion (cert 12) Region 2 which has 4 DVDs. Newly Remastered with an Anamorphic Transfer (better for wide screen TV sets). 29 deleted scenes and a new 9 minute ending.

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