To detach and to cap a doll

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In the attic of aunt Mathilde one can find a broken headstock, or then little Coralie underpadding makeup on her doll preferred. The spots with great patience can leave, it must avoid using products such as the acetone or solvents which will attack the painting unless there is an Ace of brush and that we can all get a shot of acrylic...
The products in peroxide benzole such as Cutacnyl or Panogel (yes products for the troubble of the young skin even if the doll has no buttons) erase smooth spots but it takes some time almost a month of application before it shows really in the most critical, otherwise 1 week in the doll is In respect of hair may either be the cut anyone how to do the doll looks more like nothing either give him real care with delicacy: a shampoo (to hair or soap marseille liquid oils without added) one after shampoo (and yes and we begin to unravel gently on the basis of spikes, to finish the roots and rinse)
If the hair remain crépus they can smooth with the iron to heat the lowest because they are often in synthetic, and if it wants the refriser should avoid irons to frisés frisés they are considered for the hair not for plastics.
It puts rollers to the doll and caliber 5 second the some fooled in boiling water then in cold water and repeat it three times about, and then leaves dry on the air before place, to make an impact mini wave will mini braids that pass then once we cold défera the braids.

I hope that this subject will be able to help you to return their beauties to the dolls which you appreciate, do not hesitate to vote to express your opinion.

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