To make life simpler The Data Protection Act 1998

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To make life simpler

The Data Protection Act 1998 is the law that governs the processing of personal information held on living, identifiable individuals. You must comply with the Act if your business processes personal information.

There are eight principles to this act our product helps comply with principle 7 Secured against accidental loss, destruction or damage and against unauthorized or unlawful processing


The Saint (Virtual Hard Disk Key) is a USB device that can add partitions from the local hard disk drive, using the free space of the hard drive The eSaint can make many partitions where you will be able to save your private data. It also offers the ability to physically hide file directories from unauthorized users without the hassle and complications of a weak software encrypted password. It won’t show the partition that you added until The eSaint is plugged into the USB Slot. This device is ideal for data storage and security. Finally, you could leave your computer with the assurance that no one without your key can prowl through your classified information.

The eSaint also can support multiple users. Each different key can add individual partitions that are mutually exclusive from each other. If many people use the same computer and using eSaint all of them can make their own partition and store their files safely.

Who is The Saint for?

Mid and small enterprises

Company projects and data are meant to be secret. Yet, if anyone else has physical access to the computer, how can you ensure that that they truly remain secret? Within the busy corporate environment, people come and go, and it is impossible to restrict people from using your computers. The eSaint offers protection in a simple manner, and classified company material remains classified.

Professional’s Notebook

Notebook computers are a valuable tool for business travellers, accidents occur and the equipment may be lost or stolen. Although the loss of equipment is unfortunate, the loss of data to the open market is far worse. Years of research may be exposed, creating lost revenues. With The eSaint, even if the computer is stolen, the finder will have no access to the confidential files stored in the hidden directories.

Personal Privacy

When you leave your computer, how do you know that those around you do not read your e-mail? These instances can be avoided by creating a level of protection within your computer. Setting a password is an option, but it can quickly become a nuisance and are easily forgotten. With The eSaint simply have these personal programs stored in The eSaint Directory, and only you will have access to them.

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