Toads ripping off our products

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Cosworth Brembo caliper conversion kit

A little while ago, this was copied by a no-mark called Luge Goosey who seems to make a habit of copying other peoples products but not to the same quality.
The copy of our kit has black bolts which will be rusty the day after you fit it.

More recently some cowboys called Compbrake - you may know them as jokebrake if you're in the motorsport industry, started copying the same kit. These toads have copied out listing text pretty much word perfectly as well as steeling out picture and spending quite some time editing out our name from it. obviously this is because they just bought a kit and copied it. They've never actually seen the car or caliper.
I guess it's a kind of compliment in one way that they trust my design totally and have done no checking or testing at all.
All of this is against ebay policy and despite being reported, they have done nothing after 2 weeks.
Looking at the pictures, they've made some fundamental errors which are quite dangerous.
Firstly, the less common fine thread bolts are only grade 8.8 which is not adequate.
Bolts in brake systems should be grade 10.9 or stronger.
The second mistake which also demonstrates a total lack of understanding, is to powder coat the brackets. Areas where the caliper meets the bracket and the bracket meets the hub should be metal to metal so they fit perfectly. Layers of unpredictable thickness between these surfaces are dangerous to say the least.

The listing was eventually removed after a phone call.
Clearly the "report an item" is now a complete waste of time just like "report a buyer"

Fiesta ST Brembo bracket kit

Some toads called "creationmotorsports" copied this one and at the time stole out pictures and text.

Ebay were quit quick to deal with this but then they did have previous. They have also copied products that were originally from Addiction Motorsport Ltd as well as many others.
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