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For those who are interested, I used to have a Tom Tom One XL with installed Western Europe maps. I thought it was marvellous. In 2009, I drove through France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Italy, Luxembourg and Belgium guided by this device. Places that I particularly wanted to see, mostly in Italy, because I think the Roman Empire was wonderful.

Recently, I started to encounter problems. Limited updating. Problems with the internal battery.

What to do? The obvious answer is to obtain the latest Tom Tom model. What a mistake!

I forced myself to buy a Tom Tom GO 5000 from the local Halfords store. £220! Is there comprehensive guidance on how to use the unit? No, there isn't. Is there an understandable menu system? No, there isn't. Do you get a proper 'display'? No, you don't. Can you save 'Favourites'? Doesn't look like it. Can you set a route that you like? Not really. Exclude areas with traffic problems? Nope. Anyone remember RDS-TMC? It was really good. It's gone. No doubt the display is 'intuitive'. Then I have no intuition.

I have sent comments to Tom Tom to explain where they are going wrong. What you should consider is that, when you are driving, you shouldn't need a major manual in your memory to do the simplest things. The One XL was close to perfect. The Go 5000 is close to being rubbish. It cost me, bar a penny, £220.00. I was fortunate. I got my money back.

If you are considering a Tom Tom GO, don't bother.  Make sure you know what you expect and what is being offered.

Has there been a change in management? A move from customer satisfaction to profit? Think very carefully. It doesn't seem to be what it was.
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