Tom Tom Satellite navigation from emilyandlily

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This is a record of our experience of buying a tom tom Go 910 from emilyandlily.

The advert looked really great and we saw that they had a lot of ads up for this item and that they were a large seller. It was well written and very informative. It had good pictures and intelligently put together. We bid on a few of these before we won one. The price seemed to be amazing for the amount of kit that you get.

We were slightly confused about where they were based, that is on the ad they say that they are UK based but when we came to pay it was to an American business. We emailed then to ask and they came back within a day or so to say they were shipping from the UK.

The item arrived a few days after we won it. Not especially fast, I think it was about three or four days, but sent by courier and well packed, hand delivered.

I opened the plastic bag and removed the box. I was gutted to see that there was a sticker on it saying that this was a factory reconditioned unit. I did not remember reading that on the ad. I looked at the ad again, and there it was, clearly stated. It is clearly stated in a fairly small box way down at the bottom of the ad under a awful lot of information about the product. It was certainly not hidden in any way but at the same time it was not put right at the top of the ad. See for yourself, it's easy to miss. I think that the ad is created to overwhelm you with information in the first three quarters of the ad so that it is very easy to miss. Also if you look at the top of the ad, under the section that says "condition" this section is left blank. Not "refurbished" or "return" just blank. Personally I think thats a bit naughty.

Before buying this item I had researched the market and found a non ebay seller on the net who specialises in refurbished Tom toms. I had deliberately not purchased it as thought that new would be better. They sold them cheaper than this seller and mentioned that they were refurbished up front, top of the ad as a selling point. I researched further and it seems that a factory refurbished unit is still pretty good. might have been a torn box or a tiny scratch and a fussy customer who sent it back. Usually, so I read, factory refurbs are like new.

We started using the unit. It worked and was fantastic, top of the range. As the driver, I was in love with it, thought it was fab. That is until I tried to recharge it.

It had come with an American charger and a UK adaptor plug, which I was slightly peeved by. But it would not charge up from this, nor the car charger, nor the PC. No matter what I did, and I tried everything I could, it would not charge. I spent hours fiddling with it because I loved this product and I really wanted it to work. We desperately needed it working by the end of the week because we are musicians and had a gig in France and needed it for that. Eventually the last of the charge in the unit died and the thing would not switch on at all. I was gutted!

I went back to the seller, emilyandlily and checked their feedback. All the negative comments left for them had a reply that you should call them to resolve problems before leaving feedback, with a number. I phoned the number several times and there was an American voice message saying to leave a number to get called back. I also sent an email.

I called them again in the late afternoon and got through to a very frosty American woman who basically just kept repeating that I had to send them a detailed email describing the nature of the fault. Then, about half an hour later I got a call from another American lady from emilyandlily who said she was replying to my voice message. She was really warm and lovely! Really helpful and said not to worry, if there was a fault then I could return the item for a replacement. I explained that we need the France satnav by the end of the week and she said that perhaps we should just get a refund. She also said that they would cover the cost of the return postage.

I sent the email and got a reply a  day later.  We sadly sent the unit back.  It took another week or so while they evaluated the problem before I got a refund for the unit of £155 plus £16.99 postage I had paid to them. The real cost of sending it was £8.25 by Royal mail special delivery and they did not include this in the refund.

I had to send another email asking for the postage cost of £8.25.  A day or so later I got an email saying that they would pay £5 toward that, so I took it .

I left them positive feedback because over all they did address the problem.  I am still £3.25p  down on the deal, a deal that I would not have struck in the first place if the part about the refurbishment was at the top of the ad.  I think they should have refunded my full postage fee.

Would I use this seller again? I would be tempted to look around. It was a time consuming and frustrating experience dealing with them.  Would I buy a refurbished unit again? No, I would not. 

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