Too buy or not to buy Low feedback warning

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Just a quick note to advise you whether to buy or not to buy from sellers with low feedback.

We came across a seller, with his own ebay shop, whilst we were searching for an item that we needed.

We came across a seller with the item we required but on close inspection alarm bells started ringing.

The seller would not accept Papal therefore no leverage if the transaction goes south.

Seller only had feedback for buying so had never sold anything before.

Every item for sale was priced less than we ourselves can actually buy it for in bulk, from our wholesalers. To add insult to injury the seller was offering FREE CARRIAGE. Well I guess if he is not sending the item he can afford to pretend that you are going to get free carriage.

Name was changed in the last 30 days hence the padlock icon next to his name. Probably has a lot of Irate customers wanting his blood.

We reported this to ebay and him and his shop have now dissappeared. I wonder how many people sent this seller their money before ebay closed him down????

Not saying that you cant get a bargain here and there. im just warning you to be very selective in who you do business with.

Its a jungle out there.

Use your gut feeling.

Items are like sky tv programmes, if you miss it today, you can see one again next week lol.

Dont be in a hurry to get robbed!!!

Hope that is of some help.

kind regards




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